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Moringa oil
Moringa oil
Moringa Oil - Natural Booster for Skin & Hair When it comes to caring for dry skin and brittle hair , we often reach for the supposedly "best" products at the nearest drugstore. But what's inside? We rarely know, because the most...
Content 0.05 Liter
€24.89 *
VelaGan Ashwagandha
VelaGan Ashwagandha
Ashwagandha The secret of inner peace and serenity The positive effects of Ashwagandha are no longer only appreciated and used in Ayurvedic medicine. Whether competitive or amateur athlete, workaholic, or family mother - Ashwagandha has...
Content 240 Stück
€34.90 *
-10 %
VelaVital , natural energetic for the support of vitality. Food supplements Ingredients: Catuaba, ginkgo, maca, muira puama and earthenware. The herbs come partly from wild growth and partly from organic cultivation. Capsule shell...
€35.91 * €39.90 *
VelaFit Moringa
VelaFit Moringa
Enrich yourself with the most nutritious plant in the world! Via the capsules or the powder you will quickly get all the nutrients and micronutrients of the Moringa plant, which include vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential...
Content 120 Stück
From €19.90 *
Despite the environmental toxins, poor nutrition or stress in today's world, do you want to perform better? Then reach for VelaBram! VelaBram is a mixture according to an old Ayurvedic recipe to optimize brain nutrition and normalize...
Content 60 Stück
€29.90 *

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