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Massage Equipment

Tension and muscle stiffness are a problem that many people are familiar with nowadays. Due to long periods of sitting at work, incorrect posture or lack of exercise, the back, neck and shoulders often ache. Massages are a relaxing way to relieve these pain points and increase overall well-being. However, not everyone can afford professional massages. You can save time and money by creating your own wellness oasis in the comfort of your own home. With the right massager, you can massage your neck, back and feet in the comfort of your own home. Not only will you improve your circulation, but you can also relieve tension and reduce annoying aches and pains.

Here we would like to introduce you to self-massage devices, explain what they are good for and why you should have them at home.

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HighHealer enables you to train areas of the foot, ankle and calf not only in a shorter time, but also more effectively. No matter whether you are a person with severe foot pain whether you are a professional athlete looking to build...
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€94.95 *
HighBaller is the only two-ball massager with width-adjustable, angled massage balls that can be used for self-myofascial relaxation (SMR) and to loosen stiff, taut muscles can be used. The adjustable width and the angled balls allow the...
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€69.95 *
Massage, exercises and stretching: Always and everywhere. A new and versatile training and massage device HighTrainer is the first portable product that combines massage, training and stretching. It is a training band with...
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The HighRoller - the innovation in the field of foam and (black)roll Use the possibility to work on different body structures with this new Foamroller, but at the same time to need considerably less muscle tension in the body, which...
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Hyperice® Venom Back
Hyperice® Venom Back
Hyperice® Venom Back Heat vibration technology for your regeneration The Hyperice® Venom Back is an innovative and high-quality massage device for the back. The combination of heat and vibration is highly effective in relaxing the...
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€249.94 *
Hyperice® Venom Leg
Hyperice® Venom Leg
Hyperice® Venom Leg Heat vibration technology for your regeneration The Hyperice® Venom Leg is a high-quality bandage for massaging the leg. The innovative combination of heat and vibration loosens and relaxes the muscles and can relieve...
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Back Stretcher Large
Back Stretcher Large
Back Stretcher Large Stop suffering - get rid of your back pain now! Do you suffer from back pain? Then you are not alone: Up to 40% of all Germans currently suffer from this "widespread disease". If you would rather belong to the...
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Back Stretcher Small
Back Stretcher Small
Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE Stop suffering and get rid of back pain! The back massager relieves back pain without medication or surgery. It is the perfect deep massage device to support the lumbar spine. The back...
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Which massagers are there?

Depending on the complaint, body region and need, you can use different massagers for your own use. There are massagers that focus specifically on one part of the body, such as foot massagers, neck massagers or back massagers. Other devices can be used for several parts of the body. Massagers can also be divided into mechanical and electrical devices. The former are manually operated and require user activity such as active rolling or pressing. Electric devices, on the other hand, can be switched on at the touch of a button and automatically massage the corresponding body area without any additional operation.

Massage rollers

Massage rollers or fascia rollers are the best-known tools that you can use for targeted fascia training. They are particularly suitable for releasing tension in the connective tissue. Whether as a cool-down after sports or for regeneration - massage rollers help you loosen your muscles and remove blockages. With the massage roller you can treat numerous areas such as the back, thighs, neck and more. The pressure you apply to each part of the body while lying on the roller stimulates the fasciae and the tissue flow. This allows the water that has built up in these tissues to circulate better and loosens adhesions. With the massage roller, you can completely adapt to your individual sensation of pain. If you regularly train your fascia with the massage roller, you will not only feel looser and more relaxed, but also more flexible. You can find out more about fascia training in our category fascia rollers.

Massage balls

Massage balls are effective for self-massage and fascia training. They support the regeneration of your body, improve mobility and help against tension and pain. With a massage ball, you can specifically reach the deep muscles and thus loosen adhesions in the fascia. You can determine the intensity and pressure of the massage yourself. Massage balls are not only available as single balls, but also as duo massage balls. The double version is particularly suitable for the spine and back muscles. The two massage balls allow you to treat the muscles to the right and left of the spine. It can also be used for targeted stimulation of the shoulder or neck area. In general, massage balls can be used on the entire body. For self-massage, simply place the desired body region on the massage ball or duoball and perform rolling movements. Either lie down directly on the massage ball or use a wall as an aid. The stimulation activates the receptors in the skin and body and releases tense muscles. 

Back stretcher

The Back Stretcher is a body massager that primarily relieves the back and lumbar spine. The special curved shape mimics the natural curvature of the back, resulting in more flexibility and improved posture. As soon as you lie down on the back stretcher, your body will bend back and your muscles will relax. The nubs on the surface of the back stretcher stimulate blood circulation and activate healing reactions in the body. Pain in the neck area can also be minimised with the back stretcher. With the back stretcher you can strengthen the muscles in the back area, improve the alignment of the spine and the massage effect can relieve pain.

Massage guns

Massage guns have become one of the most popular massage devices, as they can quickly and effectively relieve muscle pain and tension. They are handy and versatile. Not only athletes can benefit from the use of massage guns, but also people who struggle with tension, especially due to long periods of sitting. Massage guns are powered by a rechargeable battery and are particularly suitable for self-massage. They release tense muscles and fasciae with the help of vibrating shock movements. Thanks to different intensity levels and attachments, massage guns are suitable for different parts of the body. The advantage is that massage guns are easy to use, you can adapt them to your individual needs and use them at any time. You decide how strong the vibration massage should be. If you want to learn more about massage guns, check out our massage guns category.

What do massagers do`?

Massages are among the oldest healing methods in the world. Touching with the hands has a beneficial effect on the body and the psyche. When we feel pain, we often automatically touch the area that hurts or stroke the affected part of the body. Massages have an immediate relaxing effect, relieve pain and bring body and soul back into balance. But what do you do if there's no one around to give you a massage? How about giving yourself a massage?

There are special massagers that you can use on your own to give yourself a carefree massage. Whether it's your neck, back or feet: with the variety of massagers, you can treat all problem areas. They are versatile and can not only relieve your tension, but also prepare you for training sessions or promote regeneration and relaxation after workouts. With massagers you can reach almost every part of the body and loosen the muscles in a targeted way.

Massagers can be used for the following complaints:

  •     Tension or hardening of the muscles
  •     Headaches
  •     Back pain
  •     Joint pain
  •     Cellulite
  •     Stretch marks
  •     Stress

Especially if you suffer from tension, you can use massagers to relieve stiffness. They expose your body to different stimuli that penetrate deep into the lower skin layers. Your blood circulation, metabolism and nervous system are also stimulated by the stimulation. The great side effect of using massagers is that your connective tissue is strengthened. This can make your skin firmer and more elastic. 

What are the advantages of massagers?

It has long been known that massages can reduce stress and help people to relax more. However, many people do not have the time or the necessary money to get a professional treatment. Massage devices can help and offer you numerous advantages.  

The advantages of massagers are:

  •     Convenient treatment at home
  •     One-off costs
  •     Can be used anywhere and at any time
  •     Relieves tension
  •     Promotes blood circulation to skin and muscles
  •     Relaxation and wellness effect
  •     Intensity of the massage can be determined by the user

The right ambience creates a feel-good atmosphere

We are only truly relaxed when we feel comfortable. The ambience and the environment in which we find ourselves also plays a big role in home massage with massage equipment. So before you start the massage, you should make sure that you feel comfortable. You can turn on soothing music, place candles and dim the lights. Once you have made all the preparations, you can start the massage. Apply the massager to the areas of your body where you tend to feel tension or complain of pain. Slowly work your way with the massager and massage the appropriate parts of the body.