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Electrotherapy devices

Pain relief, tissue repair and muscle stimulation - these goals are at the top of every physiotherapist's list. Electrotherapy, i.e. medical treatment with the help of electric current, can, as a special form of physical therapy, restore patient well-being. This is because treatment with electric current aims to get "stagnated bodily fluids" moving and to improve blood circulation and wound and bone healing in the body. In recent years, tremendous advances in high-tech electronics have helped to simplify and improve the use of electrotherapy equipment. Electrotherapy equipment is now an integral part of many physiotherapy practices and is used in all clinical settings.

Here we explain what electrotherapy is and what electrotherapy equipment you can find for your practice.

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PHYSIODYN-Expert (3rd edition)
PHYSIODYN-Expert (3rd edition)
PHYSIODYN-Expert (3rd edition) Professional electrotherapy and electrodiagnostics for clinics, rehabilitation centres and physiotherapy practices. The highlights of PHYSIODYN-Expert: Indication list with filter function: Intelligent...
PHYSIOVAC-Expert (3rd edition)
PHYSIOVAC-Expert (3rd edition)
PHYSIOVAC Expert (3rd edition) Vacuum therapy easier than ever for clinics, rehabilitation centres and physiotherapy practices The PHYSIOVAC-Expert (3rd edition) is perfect for fast and uncomplicated vacuum treatment. The highlights of...
Content 1 Stück
€2,200.31 *
IONOSON-Expert (3rd edition)
IONOSON-Expert (3rd edition)
IONOSON Expert (3rd edition) Professional electrotherapy, ultrasound and simultaneous therapy for clinics, rehabilitation centres and physiotherapy practices. The IONOSON-Expert (3rd edition) effectively combines stimulation current...
B-E-St electrode
B-E-St electrode
In therapy with frequency-specific microcurrents, the electrodes are of great importance. Here you can get the eletrodes as accessories - for example for your B-E-St device by JeeCee. Product details: Content: 4 pieces
Content 4 Stück
€7.14 *
B-E-St® device by JeeCee
B-E-St® device by JeeCee
Frequency specific micro currents with B-E-St by JeeCee Therapy with frequency-specific microcurrents, which is already widely used in America, is also increasingly being used in Europe by innovative doctors and therapists the aim of...

What is electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy uses electricity to move the charged particles (ions) in the body and also directly stimulates the tissues, especially the muscles and nerves. It can help the patient with numerous problems and accelerate the body's healing process. In the organism, the current has a pain-relieving and circulation-enhancing effect. Depending on the form of therapy, the treatment can contribute either to relaxation or to excitation of the treated muscles. Successful electrotherapy also requires the right equipment. To meet the individual needs of the patient, it is important that the therapist uses the right device during a treatment. 

Electrotherapy devices with stimulation currents

Many modern electrotherapy devices are very easy to use, as only the electrodes need to be applied to the affected area by the therapist. Most devices already provide preset therapy programmes or individual programmes can be set so that the programme is optimally adapted to the needs of the respective patient. Above all, the simple menu structure of the devices makes them very pleasant to use and enables problem-free treatment. In most cases, the scope of delivery includes a complete initial set of equipment with cables, electrodes and fixation straps. There are numerous devices that work with low-frequency, medium-frequency or high-frequency current.

To help you find the right electrotherapy device, we want to provide you with the most important information about the different devices.

B-E-St by JeeCee

B-E-St stands for

Bio - Energy - Stimulation  

The B-E-St device is a high-tech device that uses injury current or biostimulation current. By emitting the current at very low strength (in the microampere range), the device succeeds in increasing ATP synthesis by 500% to 800%, protein synthesis by 70% and improving membrane transport by 40%. With the frequency-specific microcurrent device from B-E-St, the natural support of the body's own processes can be guaranteed in prophylaxis or after injuries and operations. Microcurrent therapy can thus be used to expand and optimise therapy.


The Ionoson-Expert device from Physiomed is a combination device and enables versatile application for professional electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy and simultaneous therapy. It combines both stimulation current therapy and ultrasound therapy in just one device and has the entire range of low and medium-frequency current forms, including the classic interference current. In both areas of application, the Ionoson-Expert unit convinces with its simple operation via touch screen and single-button operation. The comprehensive list of indications and instructions for use, which are included in the scope of delivery, provide a good overview of the possible applications of the device.

How does electrotherapy work with the Ionoson-Expert (3rd edition)?

Stimulating currents are transmitted via electrodes to the tissue to be treated. Depending on the form of current and the selection of parameters (i.e. pulse form, pulse duration, pause time, frequency, intensity), stimulation currents can cause the following effects in the treatment area:

  •     Pain attenuation
  •     stimulation of blood circulation and trophic improvement
  •     Nerve stimulation  
  •     Muscle stimulation for muscle development/maintenance
  •     Muscular detonation
  •     Iontophoresis

Ultrasound therapy with the Ionoson-Expert (3rd edition)

 Treatment with ultrasound is a special form of electrotherapy. This form of therapy uses sound waves of a certain frequency range to generate heat. The sound waves penetrate the skin, muscles, fat and connective tissue and are reflected by bones. Therapeutic ultrasound is applied with the frequencies 1 MHz or 3 MHz as continuous sound or impulse sound in different duty cycles. Depending on the therapy parameters (treatment frequency, type of sound, dose, treatment duration and cycle), ultrasound treatment focuses on a thermal effect (heat development at reflecting boundary layers of the tissue) or a micro-massage in the treated tissue segment. During a treatment, the body region to be treated is covered with a contact gel to ensure optimal sound transmission. The transducer is then moved evenly and slowly over the area to be treated. The ultrasound waves then penetrate deep into the tissue and set it into a vibrating motion. In this way, heat is generated and various endogenous processes are stimulated.  

Effects that can be achieved with ultrasound therapy are:

  •     Hyperaemia (increase in blood flow)
  •     Acceleration of metabolic functions
  •     Increasing the elasticity of connective tissue structures  
  •     Pain relief
  •     Muscular detonation and spasm release
  •     Acceleration of healing processes
  •     Stimulation of fracture healing