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Bandage Scissors

You want to cut through a bandage or a bandage professionally and safely? Then you need bandage scissors. The bandage scissors are designed so that you can remove bandages safely and painlessly. They can also be used to cut bandages and plasters to the desired size. Can't get a patient's garment off or need to expose a wound hidden under clothing? Bandage scissors are your ideal assistant. For this reason, the medical scissors must not be missing in the first-aid kit of the vehicle, in the first-aid cabinet of the company, but also at the rescue service, in the doctor's office or as hospital supplies.

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Kretzer bandage scissors "Classic"
Kretzer bandage scissors "Classic"
The rounded edges of these bandage scissors prevent injuries.
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How is medical scissors different from ordinary scissors?

In contrast to the commercially available craft scissors, the bandage scissors have two blunt-ended scissor blades. The flattened end of the bandage scissors can be pushed under the bandage so that the bandage can be cut through without the risk of a cut. The cutting edge is also very sharp, so that bandages, plasters and fabrics can be cut through without any problems.

What distinguishes a high quality bandage scissors?

High-quality bandage scissors are made of first-class recycled steel material and should be both sharp and rustproof. The medical scissors must fit securely in your hand and should not slip during cutting to ensure that bandages can be removed safely and quickly. In addition, you should be able to carry the bandage scissors safely  without any potential risk of injury.

High-quality, reliable, safe - The Kretzer "Classic" bandage scissors

The Kretzer "Classic" bandage scissors are made of steel material of highest quality. The special steel is professionally tempered and ensures maximum durability even under the highest loads. Therefore, the 15cm long quality product from Solingen includes 30 years warranty.

In addition, the classic grind with hand trigger ensures an accurate cut. Thanks to robust and excellently crafted steel handles, reliable and durable work can be guaranteed. The curved and rounded cutting edge prevents injuries during cutting. This also enables the bandage scissors to be transported safely, e.g. in a pocket. Thus, the Kretzer bandage scissors "Classic" is the perfect companion for traveling and can be used anywhere: In practice, for sports care on the sidelines or at home.