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Fascia Tools

Pain in the shoulder, neck or back area has become part of everyday life for many people. It is therefore all the more important that we ourselves ensure that the musculature in this area can work better again and that our movements can take place without discomfort. Fascia massage with the help of suitable fascia tools can be effective in treating problem areas. It can be used to target and treat stuck fascia tissue, as the therapist can palpate the affected areas of the body by hand and target the pain points.

Here we explain when you can use fascia tools, what they do and what benefits fascia training can have. 

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TOGU® Actiball® Relax Thermo
TOGU® Actiball® Relax Thermo
Our new massage ball with special thermo-gel filling. The pleasant - 100 % skin-friendly - material adapts optimally to the body shape during application reach accessible areas and massage them selectively. When warmed up, the Actiball...
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Thera-Band® Roller Massager portable
Thera-Band® Roller Massager portable
The Thera-Band Roller Massager Portable is particularly suitable for self-massage of all large muscle groups and is particularly space-saving with its retractable handles. In addition, the Roller Massager Portable can be used to massage...
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TOGU® Bodybone®
TOGU® Bodybone®
What is the Bodybone®? Bodybone® - made in Germany - is a training and massage device made of ruton with a special weight filling. The material Ruton is odourless and very resilient (up to approx. 200kg). The Product is latex-free and...
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Use and effect of fascia tools

Fascia tools are used in therapy and rehabilitation and serve especially as useful aids for therapists. They are characterised by very high resilience and effectiveness during treatment and are therefore well suited for therapy. Even though the aids come in different forms, the effect is the same: Namely, the treatment of the fasciae without additional effort for the therapist. Instead of using one's own hands with a lot of force, fascia tools can enable a more targeted treatment with less use of force. Fascia tools can increase the intensity of pressure and reach deeper muscular and fascial structures.

Fascia tools improve blood circulation in the patient, can promote joint and muscle mobility and help to relieve tension or adhesions in the fascia. Muscle tension (trigger points) can be treated and released with targeted fascia training (fascia balls and fascia rollers) and special fascia tools. They help to keep the connective tissue soft and elastic, combat the pain at the trigger points and increase the mobility of the muscles. 

Types of fascia tools

There are now many fascia tools that are used in therapy. Fascia rollers are among the best-known fascia tools. But there are other tools that are used for the treatment of fascia or in fascia training.

Massage sticks

With a massage stick you can massage out muscular complaints or adhesions in the fascia and even sore muscles. You can use it on all large muscle groups and apply targeted pressure to the respective part of the body. Self-massage with the massage stick promotes blood circulation in the tissue and increases elasticity. In particular, the grooved surface structure of the massage stick provides a special massage effect.  

Fascia balls

Fascia balls are suitable for the selective treatment of individual muscle groups and trigger points that are often difficult to access. Especially small sensitive muscle groups such as the neck, shoulders or feet can be easily reached and massaged with a fascia ball. Thanks to the small practical size, you can take the ball with you at any time and use it on the go. For a spot massage with the fascia ball, you lie or stand on the aid and roll out the part of the body to be treated. To better massage certain areas of the body, such as the shoulder blades or back, you can also use a wall to help you.  

Fascia scraper

Fascia scrapers are products that help to loosen adhesions in the fascia, soften scars and improve blood flow in the tissues. They are designed to allow the therapist to work optimally on the surface of the skin and to smooth out the fascia tissue. A fascia scraper has blunt, rounded edges and can leave slight marks on the skin when used. The redness that often occurs is part of therapy with a scraper, as the fascia scraper is usually made of stainless steel. When pressure is applied during the stroking process, traces are thus left on the patient's body.

What are the advantages of fascia training?

If you train your fascia regularly, you can notice numerous positive effects. It doesn't matter whether you do fascia training yourself at home or have a therapist treat you with the right fascia tools. Fascia exercises and special fascia techniques can effectively treat annoying tension and muscle pain. The positive effects include:

  •     Relieving tension or pain caused by hardening.  
  •     Promoting mobility of muscles, ligaments and tendons  
  •     Stabilising the spine
  •     Protecting the joints
  •     Strengthening of deep muscles
  •     Improve posture
  •     Increasing performance
  •     Promoting blood circulation
  •     Improving skin structure

Characteristics of our fascia tools

In our shop you will find a selection of different fascia tools that can be used for effective fascia massage. The products are characterised by:

  •     High quality materials  
  •     Durable and robust instruments
  •     Versatile application possibilities  
  •     Spot treatment and massage without much effort  
  •     Low weight
  •     Different surfaces of the fascia tools


Your body is a complex network held together by fascia. Without fascia, movement would not be possible and our muscles and organs would not be sufficiently protected. They are particularly responsible for the body's own perception and our movement processes. As soon as your fasciae stick together, important processes in the body can be disturbed and unpleasant tension or pain can be the result. To prevent this from happening, you can use fascia tools to loosen your muscles and fasciae and strengthen the connective tissue.