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Balance Cushion

Balance cushions are real "all-rounders" and are ideal as a supplement to your training. They are a space-saving alternative to the exercise ball and absolutely unbeatable when it comes to training effectively in a small space. Beginners in particular can improve their sense of balance. Besides your muscle strength, the wobble cushions can also improve your balance and coordination skills. They offer countless possibilities and are often used in sports and rehabilitation.

Here you can find out why balance cushions are such popular training aids and which exercises you can use to make your training varied and effective.

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TOGU® Dynair® Senso® Ball Cushion
TOGU® Dynair® Senso® Ball Cushion
What is Dynair ball pillow? The original Dynair ball cushion - made in Germany - is an air-filled and dynamic training and therapy device with a diameter of 33 cm. It is regarded as uncomplicated and space-saving Alternative to the big...
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TOGU® Dynair® Ball Cushion® Senso® XL
TOGU® Dynair® Ball Cushion® Senso® XL
What is the Dynair Senso XL ball cushion? The original Dynair Senso ball cushion XL - made in Germany - is an air-filled and dynamic training and therapy device. It is regarded as an uncomplicated and space-saving alternative to the...
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What are balance cushions?

Balance cushions come in different shapes and varieties. But typically a balance cushion is flat, filled with air and made of a special foam with a smooth or nubbed surface. The nubbed side of a balance cushion is particularly suitable for stimulating back massages that promote blood circulation or for stimulating certain areas of the body, such as foot reflexology points. Training with balance cushions is a shaky affair due to the air pressure in the cushion and is therefore particularly challenging.

What do balance cushions do?

Balance cushions are practical, effective and flexible. They can be used everywhere and are suitable for people of all ages. The special nature of a balance cushion creates an unstable, dynamic surface on which you can specifically train your balance. Since your body has to balance itself due to the momentum of the wobble cushion, the most diverse muscle groups are automatically used and especially the deep muscles are trained. This way you can strengthen your torso and back muscles while training with balance cushions and especially increase coordination, strength and blood circulation. In this way, back pain and tension can be prevented if done regularly. But it is not only your body that benefits from training on the balance cushion, but also your mental performance. The interaction between the muscle and nervous systems also promotes concentration, coordination and general movement.

Areas of application for balance cushions

Balance cushions are multifunctional training devices that you can use as a seat in the office or specifically incorporate into your training. Exercises to increase balance can be done sitting, lying or standing and can be combined with other exercises.

In the office and in everyday life:

Sitting for long periods of time can relieve the body and strengthen the muscles

In training:

Simple exercises can stimulate numerous muscle groups and train the deep musculature.  

In therapy and rehabilitation:

After operations or injuries, you can specifically build up muscles or improve balance, strength, coordination and body awareness.

For more variety in training

Exercises with balance cushions sound very easy. But don't underestimate the effect of the wobble cushions, because they have quite a lot to offer! Try it out for yourself and challenge your balance. With the balance cushions you not only train your balance, but also diversify your training and stabilise your muscles and joints.