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Inflatable massage tables

Therapists often work away from home and need therapy tables for treatment. But lugging massage tables around is often very complicated. That is now a thing of the past! With inflatable, mobile massage tables, you can easily treat your patients at home or at the sports club on the sidelines. No more carrying around cumbersome massage tables! Inflatable massage tables are quick to set up, practical and ready for use at any time thanks to the electric hand pump. The lying surface is quickly inflated and can be placed immediately on the stable aluminium base. The handy transport case makes it easy for you to transport the massage table and is particularly space-saving in the boot.

Here we explain the advantages of inflatable massage tables and how they differ from conventional tables.

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NubisSport is an inflatable mattress and thanks to its absolute mobility it replaces the bulky massage tables. It is therefore particularly suitable for therapists who do a lot of are on the road: whether for home visits to the patient...
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NubisPro is a massage table consisting of an inflatable mattress and a stable aluminium frame. By stowing it away in a handy Transport case the transport of the couch to patients or sports facilities is no longer a problem! Your...
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NubisProOsteo is a variant of NubisPro. Only difference: The NubisProOsteo couch is 10 cm narrower than the NubisPro couch. This makes it easier to reach the patient, which is particularly helpful during osteopathic treatments. Of course...
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NubisProXL is a variant of NubisPro. The two couches differ in length: NubisPro XL is a full 20 cm longer than NubisPro and is therefore ideal for very tall patients and athletes. Of course you don't have to do without the proven...
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Nubis Recovery Chair
Nubis Recovery Chair
The ideal solution for recovery after training or competition The Nubis Recovery Chair is an extremely lightweight, transportable, and air-filled chair. It features an innovative design that offers the client the best position for...
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What are the advantages of inflatable massage tables?

Inflatable massage tables offer therapists numerous advantages over conventional massage tables. Massage tables are part of the basic equipment of every therapist and should perfectly fit the respective requirements of the treatment. With inflatable massage tables, therapy can be carried out at any time. The following advantages speak for inflatable massage tables:

  • Convenient transport of couch and accessories
  • Quick assembly thanks to electric air pump
  • High load capacity with low weight
  • Practical
  • Handy and safe transport thanks to matching transport case 

How do inflatable massage tables differ from conventional tables?

Unlike other massage tables, inflatable models are well suited for therapists who are often on the move. While normal massage tables are always quite bulky and heavy, inflatable massage tables are characterised by the fact that they are mobile and have a low weight with high stability. They can be quickly set up anywhere and can be safely stowed away after the treatment. In addition, the inflatable massage tables are also optimally protected thanks to the transport case and can be transported in the car or on buses and trains without hesitation.

Nubis: World famous for inflatable massage tables

Nubis is known for its inflatable massage tables. The company has developed an ingenious principle that allows you to take the massage table anywhere. The low weight and the easy and quick assembly are the perfect solution for all therapists who are on the road a lot. With a hand pump, the massage table can be set up within a few minutes and is immediately ready for treatment. After the treatment, the therapy table can simply be folded up again and stored in the transport case together with the accessories. This way, you can always keep things tidy during transport.

Nubis Recovery Chair: Recovery after training and competition

The Nubis Recovery Chair is ideal for providing athletes with comfortable recovery after training or competition. The innovative design of the portable chair provides a comfortable position, allowing for longer muscle recovery sessions with compression devices (such as Recovery Boots). The Nubis Recovery Chair is characterised by its special shape, light weight and simple, quick assembly. When uninflated and folded, the chair fits perfectly into the bag included in the delivery. This means that the Recovery Chair is quickly ready for use at any time and is ideal for convenient transport on trips.

NubisPro: Optimal companion when travelling

The NubisPro massage table is perfect for therapists who want to perform treatments comfortably, quickly and easily in different locations. The principle of the NubisPro massage table is simple. The inflatable lying surface is placed on a height-adjustable, stable aluminium base and inflated within a few minutes using the electric air pump supplied. The hardness of the mattress can be individually adjusted to the specific needs of the patient via the air pressure system and offers optimal comfort. After the treatment, the NubisPro massage table and its accessories can be conveniently stored in the transport case supplied. The transport case can be carried as a backpack on the back or pulled as a trolley with wheels. 

Inflatable massage tables according to your wishes

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