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Individual therapy stools for your practice

There are many things to consider when setting up a physiotherapy practice. In addition to certain specifications regarding the minimum spatial requirements, there are also specifications regarding the basic equipment of a physiotherapy practice or massage practice. The basic equipment of your practice should not only ensure a comfortable working environment for you as a therapist, but also create a place where your patients feel comfortable and safe. With the right practice furnishings, you can achieve both. Find out here why it is worth buying a therapy stool and what purpose it serves.

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Nubis Portable Stool
Nubis Portable Stool
Nubis Portable Stool Der Nubis Portable Stool ist ein leichter, tragbarer Hocker für Therapeuten, die auf der Suche nach einem und ergonomischen Hocker sind, der jederzeit schnell griffbereit ist. In weniger als 1 Minute aufblasbar (bei...
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From €296.31 *
HABYS® Stool "Bingo
HABYS® Stool "Bingo
HABYS® "Bingo" stool With the "Bingo" stool, HABYS® has developed an elegant and comfortable chair. Its chrome-plated substructure has 5 durable rubber castors that allow it to roll around smoothly and quietly. The height adjustment is...
Content 1 Stück
€116.62 *
HABYS® Stool "Beta
HABYS® Stool "Beta
HABYS® Stool "Beta The "Beta" stool by HABYS® can be used universally and is equipped with a practical seat. The durable rubber castors allow it to roll smoothly and quietly on any surface. The solid construction guarantees high...
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Surgery stool
Surgery stool
Hand-free and quick height adjustment! The stool has a foot-operated pneumatic height control for easy adjustment. It also has 5 small antistatic castors for perfect stability. The modern design and seating comfort round off the profile....
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From €767.55 *
Therapie stool
Therapie stool
Noble & high-quality stool for every practice! The high-quality Novak therapy stool with round seat convinces with its comfort upholstery and its high-quality material. The very robust castors have a long service life. The seat height is...
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Therapy stools for a healthy posture

Therapy stools are of great importance for the treatment of patients and facilitate everyday life in the practice. The specially shaped seat makes therapy stools well suited for daily therapy needs. The stools are designed to relieve strain on the back and allow the therapist to sit in a back-friendly manner. The height-adjustable therapy stools can be easily adjusted to the appropriate working height. Thanks to the integrated castors at the foot end, you can move freely around the treatment couch during treatment.

Quality for stability and flexibility of the therapy stools

In addition, the high-quality workmanship of the therapy stools of the HABYS® and Novak M® brands guarantees long-term use in therapy and practice. Whether you are looking for a therapy stool with or without backrest, the stools on castors are a must for every practice and can be used universally. They are particularly stable, the seat height can be adjusted as needed and they have a modern design. Depending on the model and brand, you can even match the colour of the therapy stool to your practice.

What does the basic equipment of a physiotherapy practice look like?

A well-equipped practice needs various therapy devices and corresponding accessories. The GKV Spitzenverband has laid down certain guidelines on what the basic equipment of a physiotherapy practice should look like. In addition to certain spatial requirements, the following equipment is mandatory for a practice:

  •     2 height-adjustable treatment couches
  •     1 foldable, transportable treatment table for home visits
  •     Suitable positioning aids per treatment table (e.g. neck and knee rolls)
  •     1 short-time clock per treatment room
  •     1 device for heat treatment/heat therapy (e.g. water bath) - Equipment for performing physiotherapy or treatment (wall bars, therapy mats, exercise equipment, etc.)
  •     Technical facilities for cryotherapy (e.g. cold packs)
  •     1 emergency call system with acoustic signal tone in treatment areas without constant supervision of the therapist


In addition to the requirements listed above, suitable additional equipment can facilitate the daily therapy routine. Therapy stools in particular can be a great help in everyday physiotherapy.

HABYS® therapy stools

The therapy stools from HABYS® are characterised above all by their modern look. They have a chrome-plated substructure and are equipped with durable, rubberised wheels. This enables smooth and quiet movement around the therapy couch. The height adjustability of the stool to the working height also ensure a pleasant treatment experience. Therapy stools from HABYS® are very stable and also extremely comfortable thanks to the highly flexible foam system. The special Vinyl Flex fabric is resistant to oils and withstands dirt. Other advantages of the special Vinyl Flex upholstery are:

  •     Resistance to water and oils
  •     Increased resistance to perspiration and liquids
  •     Abrasion resistance 120000 cycles
  •     Good tear resistance
  •     Light and fire resistant
  •     Oeko-Tex certificate
  •     Free from pathogenic phthalates

Novak M® therapy stools

The Novak M® therapy stools are comfortable and easy to use. The selectable backrest can help you to maintain a good posture during the treatment of your patient. Thanks to the small castors located at the foot end, flexible working and free movement around the patient's therapy couch is guaranteed at all times. The base frame is available in two versions: round or star-shaped. For comfortable working, the round base offers an optimal place for the feet to rest. The star-shaped base allows you to get even closer to the therapy couch. The leather of the seat is a high-quality artificial leather, which is particularly resistant to urine, blood, disinfectants, saline solution, UV rays, microorganisms and mould. Just like the therapy stools from HABYS®, the Novak M® stools are also height-adjustable.