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Body analyser

Health is the highest good of human beings. Keeping an eye on your own body and any changes that occur can therefore be very useful. A body analyser can help to observe these changes and, if necessary, counteract imbalances. With Multiscan's body composition analysers, you can measure and analyse your patient's body in just a few minutes thanks to the latest technology. They provide comprehensive data on body composition, wellness and fitness and give precise information on the condition of the body. The easy handling of the devices and the clear presentation of the results offer added value for health care and counselling as well as prevention and enable you to create individual programme recommendations.

Learn more about health measurement with body composition analysers here.

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Multiscan Fit
Multiscan Fit
Get a diagnosis and individual program recommendations in just 60 seconds! The Multiscan Fit provides you and your customers with comprehensive wellness data. The device offers you information with which you can create an individual...
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Multiscan Pro
Multiscan Pro
The MultiscanPro is a new, innovative type of medical measurement and analysis system. It is a tool that is easy and quick to interpret and presents things very clearly, both for the therapist / coach / doctor - and together with...
From €20,230.00 *

What measurements can I take with body composition analysers?

Body composition analysers are measurement and analysis systems that provide a wide range of data via software and can provide information about health status and lifestyle within a few minutes. The body analysers provide an overview of the most important health parameters and help to evaluate the resilience of a person. Multiscan's innovative technology is based on the method of functional analysis. Within 2 minutes, the body analysers provide comprehensive health data and visualise how improvements can be made in terms of exercise, therapy, dietary habits or vitamin supplementation.

Multiscan body analyser

Medicavisie, a company of the Medicalsoft Group, offers technology solutions for modern diagnosis and analysis in the medical, fitness and wellness sectors with its Multiscan systems. Innovative software solutions allow functional body analyses within a few minutes. We present the measurement and analysis systems Multiscan Pro and Multiscan Fit.

Multiscan Pro

The Multiscan Pro is a body analysis device for health counselling and health protection. The holistic measuring device has been developed especially for professional counselling services in the areas of prevention, aftercare, nutrition and therapy. In just two minutes, the Multiscan Pro provides a comprehensive overview of the most important regulatory mechanisms of the human body, the functional state of the autonomous nervous system, body composition, cardiovascular condition, risk factors and much more. Based on the data and with the help of special software, individual recommendations for nutrition, dietary supplements, sport and exercise behaviour can be created. The results are clearly presented and can help not only in coaching, motivating and counselling patients, but also in achieving and tracking health goals even better.

The Multiscan Pro offers the following functions:

  •     Detailed overview of body composition using Segmental Multi Frequency Body Composition 3D Analyzer.
  •     Assessment of body composition (FM, FFM, TBW, ECW, ICW, BMI, Muscular Mass, Phase Angle)
  •     Assessment of galvanic skin response
  •     Body composition 3D modelling (fat mass colour code)
  •     Dietician
  •     Vertebral 3D modelling (colour code for neuromuscular diseases)
  •     Advanced therapy decision support for SPA / Fitness / Sport
  •     Heart rate variability indicators
  •     Advanced ANS assessment (sympathetic / parasympathetic activity)
  •     Digital pulse wave analysis and haemodynamic indicators
  •     Valsalva / Orthostatic / Deep probe
  •     Medical screening analyzer, including cardio-scores / physiological scores / lifestyle scores, 3D modelling of living tissue, markers for screening statistical diseases

Multiscan Fit

The Multiscan Fit is a state-of-the-art analyser for fitness diagnostics and data analysis. Based on the information obtained and the underlying patented algorithm, the body analyser can assess body composition, provide wellness data or create a customised fitness programme within 60 seconds. Among other things, the Multiscan Fit can provide an assessment of microcirculation, make assessments regarding cardiovascular condition or spinal load, and determine stress and fatigue levels.

The Multiscan Fit offers the following functions:

  •     Segmental body composition assessment
  •     Body fat analysis
  •     Microcirculation assessment
  •     Cardio assessment
  •     Stress and fatigue assessment
  •     Spinal loading
  •     Comprehensive wellness score assessment

What is the difference between the Multiscan Pro and the Multiscan Fit?

The body analysis devices Mulitscan Pro and Multiscan Fit are both high-tech devices for body analysis. The main difference lies in the way the measurement is taken. With the Multiscan Pro, the measurement is carried out with the help of electrodes and plates with sensors for the hands and feet. During the analysis, the patient is seated at a table. With Multiscan Fit, the analysis takes place directly on the device via the hand and foot platforms with integrated sensors and a digital pulse wave sensor. With the Multiscan, on the other hand, the measurement takes place in a standing position and important measurement data can be entered beforehand via a built-in touch screen.

There is also a difference in the purpose of the measurement. The Multiscan Pro provides valuable data and medical graphics on the patient's functional state of health. These are particularly a stable reference for monitoring and assessing the course of therapy. The Multiscan Fit aims rather to provide data on the general health picture and for the areas of fitness and wellness. The therapist can then use this information to create individual fitness programmes or make nutrition and training recommendations.

Certified quality

The non-invasive body composition monitors feature excellent design, years of development and complex data analysis using the latest diagnostic technology. Thanks to scientific and technological achievements in the field of diagnostics, the high-quality devices provide innovative and efficient products for current and future challenges in medicine. The body composition analysers are already used all over the world and have passed all tests and certification processes (CE Medical and ISO 13485: 2016). Thus, the devices provide a completely new, high-quality approach for therapists, trainers and doctors for the consultation or follow-up of patients and athletes.

Zertifizierte Qualität

Die nicht-invasiven Körperanalysegeräte zeichnen sich durch exzellentes Design, jahrelange Ent-wicklung und komplexe Datenanalyse mittels modernster Diagnosetechnologie aus. Die qualitativ hochwertigen Geräte liefern dank der wissenschaftlichen und technologischen Errungenschaften im Bereich der Diagnostik innovative und effiziente Produkte für heutige und zukünftige Heraus-forderungen in der Medizin. Die Körperanalysegeräte werden bereits auf der ganzen Welt eingesetzt und haben sämtliche Tests und Zertifizierungsprozesse (CE Medical und ISO 13485: 2016) bestanden. So liefern die Geräte einen völlig neuen, hochqualitativen Ansatz für Therapeuten, Trainer und Ärzte für die Beratung oder den Follow-Up von Patienten und Sportlern.