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The concentrated power of Ayurveda

Use for:

  • Maintaining health
  • Performance enhancement
  • Supporting the body in the rehabilitation period after injuries, illnesses, and operations


VelaCell stands for one thing above all: top quality Ayurvedic herbs. The German agricultural engineer and managing director of VelaCell Harald Seibel always convinces himself about the conditions of cultivation in the Indian state of Punjab. In addition, the areas on which the effective herbs are grown are certified organic by the German LACON Institute.

Why do I need the nutrients of VelaCell herbs?

The constant modernisation of our everyday life does not only offer advantages: increasing stress, environmental pollution or electrosmog could be mentioned here as negative examples. The body finds it increasingly difficult to optimally carry out its natural processes (incl. performance and regeneration cycles), especially if it lacks the necessary nutrients due to inadequate nutrition. The possible consequences: Burnout, reduced performance, weakened libido and fertility, or even a higher probability of developing mild or severe diseases.

VelaCell wants to reduce these negative consequences of modern life. The selected high-quality products provide the body with the necessary nutrients and support it in remaining efficient and healthy.

Where does the particularly high quality of VelaCell herbs come from?

    Due to the hot summers and cold winters in the Punjab growing region, the plants produce higher concentrations of nutrients and micronutrients than is the case in countries with a constant climate.

    VelaCell regularly enriches the soil with organic fertiliser. For example, instead of herbs, legumes such as pea vetch, alfalfa and clover are grown in autumn and, after harvesting, are worked into the soil as fertiliser in spring. They add nitrogen to the soil, which is important for the development and quality of the following herb crops

Learn more about the Ayurvedic miracle plants!

Buy VelaCell and do good at the same time?

Yes! When you buy a product from VelaCell, you are not only choosing a particularly high quality - organic and vegan - but you are also supporting a humanitarian project in the cultivation area of Punjab. Because VelaCell offers the local people accommodation, food and education in addition to jobs. In addition, various social institutions in the area, including a nearby hospital, receive financial support.

Choose quality and social commitment now - buy VelaCell!

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