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K-Active Premium Tapes - top quality for professionals

Our kinesiology tapes are used in hospitals, surgeries as well as in professional sports and are recommended by the DOSB!

When it comes to health, it's always about the big picture. With the K-Active Tape collection, therapists, doctors, and trained users always remain optimally prepared, because they are given the opportunity to always provide the best possible kinesiology care.

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Advantages of K-Active Kinesiology Tapes


  • Developed by therapists in daily practice
  • Extremely long adhesion
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Climate-active sinus system for ideal air and fluid transport
  • Precise edges
  • Tested for harmful substances


All Kinesiology Tapes from K-Active are approved as class 1 medical products. The quality standards are regularly tested internationally, including by TÜV, which has ISO-certified the tapes and the work processes associated with them. Our tapes are exclusively manufactured by the global brand leader Nitto Denko in Japan, the country of origin for kinesiology tapes, which ensures the highest quality. Many national teams, top teams and individual athletes worldwide have been successfully using K-Active products for many years. Doctors and therapists swear by the high quality of K-Active tapes, as it is all about strong performance, especially in top sports.

Differences to sports tapes, conventional tapes and kinesio tapes

Conventional tapes and sports tapes were developed to protect injured structures without completely immobilising them or removing them from the chain of movement, as is the case with a plaster cast, for example. With sports tapes, movements are restricted, but partial movements are kept possible. Kinesio tapes are a further development and function as a strengthening and activating second skin. The tissue is kept better supplied with blood and the healing processes are accelerated. Kinesio tapes are much more elastic than conventional tapes and adhere much longer. Moreover, they are not only used for injuries and traumas, but also for lymphatic drainage, for example. The difference between the many kinesiotapes available on the market lies in the quality of the materials and in the dimensions and pre-cut configurations. Very cheap products with inferior quality have a much shorter holding time. The adhesives used can be contaminated with harmful substances and can also cause allergic reactions. In addition, the underside does not automatically allow air and fluids to pass through well, which can lead to further problems.

Note: Even though "Kinesio-Tapes" is used colloquially to describe various kinesiology tapes, the name is legally protected by a single company that sells its kinesiology tapes under this brand name.

Differences K-Active Tapes - Which tape for which purpose?

1. K-Active Tape Classic

The classic in the proven original. This tape, which has been used thousands of times in daily use, has been further developed for over 30 years and combines all the important properties of a kinesiology premium tape. It lasts reliably for many days, is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic and consists of a breathable, elastic cotton material with water-repellent properties. You can get it here in the shop in different sizes and in value packs.

2. K-Active Tape Sport

For athletes with high demands, we have developed a kinesiological tape, which is supposed to support affected structures even more. For this purpose, the elasticity has been reduced to achieve a greater mechanical effect. The tape is intended for less prolonged use and is therefore ideal for competitions or short-term stress peaks, among other things.

3. K-Active Tape Gentle

An excellent choice for particularly sensitive skin. K-Active Tape Gentle uses a self-dissolving adhesive that prevents irritation even on the most sensitive skin. It is designed for people who complain of redness or itching with regular tape, as well as babies, children, and the elderly. It is also very suitable for sensitive areas such as scar tissue after surgery or the areas around injuries. K-Active Tape Gentle is also the perfect choice for face and beauty taping.

4. K-Active Tape Elite

Our most versatile tape combines the best of all worlds and represents the spearhead of modern kinesiology tapes. Optimal hold, excellent support and ideal suitability for sensitive skin make this tape the elite. It is also the best choice for swimming or for areas of the body that sweat heavily. K-Active Tape Elite can be used universally.

Areas of application for kinesiology tapes

K-Active tapes are used in a wide variety of applications. Therapists, doctors, and self-users report improvements and healing support for a variety of indications. Among others, orthopaedics, physiotherapy, lymphology, internal medicine, neurology, or wound therapy can be mentioned as components of the therapy chain. The following symptoms are frequent fields of application:

  • Functional dysfunctions, postural weaknesses, incorrect posture
  • Muscle trauma, muscle pain, muscle tension
  • Sports injuries, tendon and ligament trauma, fascia correction
  • Haematomas, lymphoedema Headache, back pain, migraine
  • Scar treatment
  • Menstrual cramps, postnatal care

Tips for use: How to do it right

 If you haven't worked with tapes before, or if you want to learn more, then one of our courses is the right choice for you. Here you will learn all the important things about Kinesiology Taping and can apply them directly. You can find more information on our course page. For refresher courses, here is a brief overview of the most important tips:

  1. The skin should be dry and free of grease before application.
  2. Heavily hairy areas of the body should be shaved beforehand so that the tape can adhere better. Alternatively, fix the hair to the skin with a spray adhesive beforehand.
  3. The fingers should not meet the adhesive on the inside so as not to reduce the adhesive effect of the tape.
  4. After applying the tape, activate it by rubbing it gently. This improves the adhesive properties and ensures longer adhesion.
  5.  An average of three to five days is recommended. However, experience shows that K-Active tapes last much longer if they are applied correctly; even beyond one week.
  6. After application, one should wait one hour before starting a sporting activity, i.e., also apply the tape in time before competitions.
  7. K-Active tapes dry by themselves after showering or bathing and are breathable.
  8. When removing the tape, be sure to remove it slowly and gently to prevent skin irritation.
  9. The right technique makes all the difference: People and indications are different. It is advisable to attend a course to be able to apply the correct technique in each case.

Exceptions - What are contraindications?

Kinesio tapes do not belong on open wounds or unhealed scar tissue. Contraindications also include very irritated skin, neurodermatitis or allergies. If you have sensitive or very sensitive skin, you should test the compatibility with a test strip beforehand. K-Active Tape Gentle or Elite are also recommended in this case.

A wide variety of tape techniques are possible for pregnancy, but these should only be applied by trained personnel.