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Cushioning Material

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BSN® Tensoban® box of 12, 7 cm x 20 m
BSN® Tensoban® box of 12, 7 cm x 20 m
BSN® Tensoban® Tensoban® is a bandage made of padding foam, which can be used to pad (adhesive) tape and support bandages. This protects the skin, which is particularly useful for sensitive skin. In addition, Tensoban® achieves a smooth...
Content 12 Stück
€63.83 *
Rehab Heel Lace Pads (2000) 7,5 x 7,5
Rehab Heel Lace Pads (2000) 7,5 x 7,5
Heel & Lace Pads - to protect the skin The rolls with foam pads protect the skin and especially the sensitive areas from pinching and friction. It is recommended to apply lubricant cream between the skin and the foam to achieve the...
Content 2000 Stück
€49.98 *
BSN® Leukotape® Foam
BSN® Leukotape® Foam
The BSN Foam is particularly suitable for . In the area of the ankles, for example, a U- and an L-shape can be cut and applied to compensate for the protrusion of the ankles. In case of muscle injuries, three circles of different sizes...
Content 10 Stück
€33.67 *