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K-Active® MiniBands: Training can be so diverse


The elastic bands made of fabric are real all-round talents! Because with our K-Active® MiniBands you can do much more than just train your abductors and butt muscles. The multifunctional sports equipment is perfect for an intensive warm-up and the activation of your muscles and give your training an extra portion of resistance. Applications range from endurance training to coordination exercises and fascia training.

Whether for static or dynamic exercises: Loop Bands can be used on all levels.
A big plus: Mini bands are not only incredibly versatile in their use, you can also train with them anytime and anywhere! So if you don't already work out with these handy fitness bands, you should get yourself a Loop Band (or better yet, a whole set) right away!

Read here everything you need to know if you want to buy your K-Active® MiniBand.

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K-Active® MiniBand
K-Active® MiniBand
K-Active® MiniBand The flexible training tool for sports & therapy Whether for training in the gym or for rehabilitation: Mini bands offer endless possibilities for exercises in sports and therapy. Areas of application for loop bands:...
Content 1 Stück
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K-Active® MiniBands Set of 3
K-Active® MiniBands Set of 3
K-Active® MiniBands Set of 3 The flexible training tool for sports & therapy Whether for training in the gym or for rehabilitation: Mini bands offer endless possibilities for exercises in sports and therapy. Areas of application for loop...
Content 3 Stück
€17.36 * €24.80 *
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K-Active® MiniBands Set of 10
K-Active® MiniBands Set of 10
K-Active® MiniBands Set of 10 Perfect for team sports training, gyms and large practices Get the MiniBands Set of 10 at a special price! Especially clubs, gyms or large practices benefit from the set of 10. Whether for training in the...
Content 10 Stück
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K-Active® MiniBands: Premium fitness bands for your workout

Fitness bands are more versatile than any other exercise equipment! Why? That and many other important information about the K-Active® MiniBands can be found here:

1. What is a Mini Band (Loop Band)?
2. Which K-Active® Mini Band is the right one for me?
3. Pleasant fabric for extra comfort during training
4. What are the advantages of mini bands?
5. How do I clean my fabric loop band?
6. Fitness Band sets for sports teams, gyms and therapy tractices
7. Our 5-Minute Mini Band circulation booster

What is a Mini Band (Loop Band)?

 A mini band or loop band is a fitness band made of rubber or fabric with at least one loop. You can wrap the resistance bands around stable objects as well as around your arms or legs. This gives you complete flexibility in the execution and variation of your exercises. Thanks to the different strength levels of the bands, you can also easily determine the intensity of the stimuli that you set with the resistance bands.

Whether in therapy, weight training or team sports: The fitness bands are an absolute must-have for strengthening your muscles and, thanks to their robust material, withstand any load! To make your purchase decision easier, we'll tell you about the different colors of our mini bands in the next section.

Which Mini Band is right for me?

The K-Active® Mini bands are available in different intensities. Each intensity is assigned a specific color, making it easy to distinguish the strengths.

We have chosen the following color scheme for the K-Active® MiniBands:

  •     Yellow = Light (up to 10kg)
  •     Red = Medium (up to 15kg)
  •     Blue = Strong (up to 20kg)

For beginners we recommend the yellow band with the intensity "Light". If you notice that the exercises with this strength become too easy for you, then you can reach for the next higher intensity. Depending on which area of your body you want to train with your loop band, you can also start directly with red or blue, because the legs can withstand much more resistance than your shoulders or arms. Of course, you should always choose the intensity according to the exercise and your health condition.

For rehabilitation exercises, always use the yellow band first and move up to the next intensity if necessary. Also, if you want to use the mini bands during your rehab, you should talk to your doctor or therapist beforehand.

All 3 resistance levels in one set

You want all 3 strengths? Then our K-Active® MiniBand 3-piece set is something for you! It contains all intensity levels: Light, Medium and Strong! So you can put together your optimal miniband workout and gradually increase from 10kg to 15kg up to a resistance of 20kg.

K-Active MiniBands verschiedene Farben

Pleasant fabric for the extra comfort during exercise

Why you should choose a fabric mini band?
Here are our benefits:

  •     no unpleasant pulling
  •     no slipping
  •     no curling of the edges
  •     natural rubber woven into skin-friendly textile fibers
  •     easy to clean
  •     minimal risk of injury thanks to crack-resistant material

What are the advantages of mini bands?

Unlike strength training, training with mini bands is not about moving a lot of weight, but about keeping your muscles under tension for a long time.
The time under tension, i.e. the time a muscle is under tension during an exercise or training set, is considered a particularly effective method for building and strengthening muscles.

Since the loop bands allow you to train without extra weight, the fitness equipment is particularly easy on the joints, because the resistance does not remain constant, but increases with increasing movement radius and then decreases again. This distribution is at the same time extremely effective and protects your joints and strengthens the surrounding muscles.

In addition, the mini bands are, as the name suggests, nice and small and therefore particularly practical for travel, for your sports bag or for your home workout.

Mini bands are:

  •     suitable for all training levels
  •     easy to use
  •     ideal for warm-up, workout & time-under-tension training
  •     space-saving & easy to transport
  •     optimal for stability & coordination training
  •     inexpensive training equipment
  •     easy on the joints
  •     perfect for on the go


How do I clean my fabric loop band?

You can simply put your fitness band in the washing machine at up to 30° C. This allows you to wash them hygienically clean and may be used by many different patients, customers or athletes.

Fitness band sets for sports teams, gyms and therapy practices

You need a larger number of mini bands? Well, then our set of 10 is for you! It contains 10 times the same band in identical thickness.

What is particularly great about our 10-piece set? The price! You save almost 17% if you choose the K-Active® MiniBand 10er Set instead of single bands!

Many people know that fitness loops are one of the most frequently used training tools in weight training. But the resistance bands can do even more! They can be perfectly integrated into soccer or handball training to activate muscles, train fasciae and thus improve your kicking, promote stability of the supporting leg and increase your kicking power.

Our 5-Minute Mini Band Circulation Booster: How to get your cardiovascular system going.

Every one of us should boost his or her cardiovascular system once a day. What's the best way to do that? It's easy, just grab your K-Active® MiniBand and get going!

By jumping and moving quickly against the resistance of the band, you can get your circulation working in no time.
Alternating the exercises in an interval workout is especially effective thanks to the short breaks, while burning lots of calories and getting your blood pumping.

Give it a try right now!

The K-Active Miniband - a fitness band for all sports

With the K-Active Minibands you can increase your muscle strength, increase your speed and improve your reaction time and coordination.
At the same time, with regular miniband exercises you provide an enormous injury prevention, because with stronger tendons, ligaments and muscles you are better equipped against unwanted movements such as twisting or stumbling.

In our blog you will find more interesting articles and information on how you can optimize important basics for many sports.