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K-Active® First Aid Spray - Wound spray for fast wound healing

Whether in everyday life, sports, or in the great outdoors, K-Active® First Aid Spray is a must-have in your bag, sports kit, and home medicine cabinet. This wound spray has been specially designed to ensure thorough wound cleaning and effectively support the healing of open injuries, such as abrasions, cuts, tears, incisions, as well as first and second-degree burns.

Thanks to its formula containing activated trace elements iron and zinc, wound healing reaches a new level. The body gets exactly what it needs to combat injuries. With K-Active® First Aid Spray, you have a powerful support for fast healing and recovery from open injuries always at your fingertips.

K-Active® First Aid Spray
K-Active® First Aid Spray
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What does K-Active® First Aid Spray offer me?

K-Active® First Aid Spray is a true multi-talent for open skin injuries. With its specially formulated effect, it is an indispensable companion for effective first aid and rapid pain relief. A particular advantage of the wound spray is its gentle application. Unlike many other sprays, it does not cause any unpleasant burning or irritating sensations on the wound when applied. This enables particularly pleasant wound cleansing and gentle care as well as healing of injured skin areas.

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Rapid first aid for open injuries

K-Active ®First Aid Spray is your faithful companion for open injuries such as abrasions, lacerations and cuts. The antiseptic effect thoroughly cleanses the wound of dirt, germs and foreign bodies to enable optimal healing. By assisting in wound closure, it helps to reduce or stop bleeding prematurely and prevent infection. Activated trace minerals iron and zinc support the body's autoreparative healing processes, promoting more effective recovery.