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K-Active® First Aid Cream: The turbo for injuries, operations and sports

Everyone knows how quickly injuries can happen in everyday life or during sports. But now you have a powerful secret weapon to face these injuries with confidence - K-Active® First Aid Cream. With the First Aid Cream you are optimally equipped to support the body in its reactions during acute care. This reduces bleeding and swelling and minimizes pain. Even bruises that have already occurred are broken down much more quickly thanks to the trace elements. The secret behind this is their activated trace elements iron and zinc, which promote the body's own healing process.

Whether you're a passionate athlete or simply love adventure, our First Aid Cream will be your trusted companion for quick first aid. And don't worry, it's free of skin irritants and dope-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin and children.


Don't give poor healing after injuries and surgeries another chance!

K-Active® First Aid Creme
K-Active® First Aid Cream
Content 0.15 Liter
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First aid par excellence: Well-equipped for any situation

 With the First Aid Cream, you are prepared for anything! The unique combination of activated trace elements makes K-Active® First Aid Cream a true all-rounder for injuries. Your skin receives the best possible support to help you recover quickly from your injuries.

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Faster recovery for bruises, sprains and muscle injuries

Enriched with valuable, activated trace elements, the First Aid Cream unleashes its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, particularly for bruises, sprains, and muscle injuries. The ingredients promote the oxygen and nutrient supply to damaged tissue and support enzymatic metabolism. This enables faster regeneration and healing, effectively reducing bleeding and swelling.

Open skin injuries and scar care

 K-Active® First Aid Cream promotes skin regeneration and supports healthy tissue formation, not only for closed but also for open skin injuries. In the case of open wounds, it's essential to note that the cream should not be applied directly to the open wound but in the immediate vicinity of the injury. This way, the body can absorb the necessary elements and provide them to the injured area. Additionally, the First Aid Cream plays a crucial role in scar care. Scars can cause mechanical issues, vascular problems, and disruptions in energy flow. The trace elements in the cream optimize scar formation, improve structural flexibility, enhance circulation, and energy flow. Even old scars can benefit from this therapy, as well-maintained scars are less conspicuous and blend more seamlessly into their surroundings.