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CryoCompression by K-Active® -
The next generation cold and compression system

Cold and compression have been proven methods for pain relief and reducing swelling after injuries, overexertion, or surgeries. The combination of these two techniques is highly popular. Cold deprives the affected area of energy to reduce inflammation by constricting blood vessels, decreasing blood flow, and thus inhibiting the inflammatory process. At the same time, compression helps reduce swelling, improving mobility and muscle control, which can alleviate pain caused by swelling.

For the challenge of applying cold and compression simultaneously and effectively, there is a solution: it's called CryoCompression by K-Active®.

CryoPush by K-Active®
CryoPush by K-Active®
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CryoPush carrying bag
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CryoCompression by K-Active® – What is it?

CryoCompression by K-Active® is an advanced cold and compression system, consisting of a cooler and an adjustable cuff connected to each other. The cooler can be filled with water and, if needed, cooled with ice cubes or cold packs, allowing individual temperature regulation. The water is circulated through the cuff while applying gentle pressure to the affected body area. This versatile method can be used for various body regions, such as the ankle, knee, hip, spine, and shoulder.

Which application areas does CryoCompression by K-Active® suit?

CryoCompression by K-Active is suitable for a wide range of application areas. These include:

  • Postoperative: After surgeries, the cold compression application can support reducing swelling and accelerating recovery.
  • Sports injuries: In cases of contusions, strains, sprains, or muscle injuries, CryoCompression can bring about pain relief.
  • Overexertion and inflammation: For pain and swelling due to overexertion or inflammation, CryoCompression treatment can provide relief.
  • Rehabilitation: In physiotherapy or rehabilitation, CryoCompression can contribute to supporting recovery.

Why is CryoCompression by K-Active® better than conventional methods?

CryoCompression by K-Active® offers a modern solution for combining cold and compression in therapy. Unlike conventional treatment methods, it allows for effective and individually adjustable treatment.

  • Complete coverage: The CryoCompression cuff entirely encloses the affected area to ensure optimal cold and compression therapy.
  • Adjustable cold: The water temperature is individually adjustable to meet the needs of each patient.
  • Dynamic compression: In contrast to static compression, CryoCompression provides dynamic compression that facilitates efficient removal of fluids.
  • Various cuffs: The cold compression system offers different cuffs for various body areas.
  • Tailored therapy: With nine different programs and three pressure levels, CryoCompression enables a diverse and individually adapted application.