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K-Active® Elektrolyt Cream – Your booster for fast wound healing

Skin injuries can occur anytime and anywhere, whether during sports, daily life, or exciting outdoor adventures. They can leave you with abrasions, burns, or closed wounds, often accompanied by tissue damage, bruising, and swelling. What's impressive is how quickly our bodies switch to self-healing mode to limit damage and promote recovery. This process doesn't just start at the injury site; it also informs other parts of our bodies through the nervous and muscular systems. Adequate wound care is key to swift recovery, and that's where K-Active® Electrolyte Cream comes in – it's the ultimate multi-talent for skin injuries.

Enriched with activated trace elements like iron and zinc, it reduces swelling, accelerates wound healing, and effectively alleviates pain. But that's not all this cream can do. It's also incredibly soothing for unpleasant sunburns, alleviating the burning sensation and supporting damaged skin in regeneration. This Class IIa medical product is the perfect choice for healing and caring for skin injuries, making it an absolute must-have in every home medicine cabinet, sports bag, or during travels.

K-Active® Electrolyte Cream
K-Active® Electrolyte Cream
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What does K-Active® Elektrolyt Creme do for me?

 K-Active® Electrolyte Cream offers the best support for your skin. It not only relieves pain, but also accelerates the healing process. How does it do that? Through the targeted application of the electrolytes iron and zinc. Electrolytes are real superheroes for our health. These tiny, charged particles, also called ions, play a crucial role in numerous biological processes in our body. They ensure that our muscles function properly, enable the transmission of nerve signals, and keep our fluid balance perfectly balanced. When we get injured or undergo surgery, we can lose electrolytes, which can affect the healing process. This is where K-Active® Electrolyte Cream comes in. It is enriched with the important electrolytes iron and zinc to promote skin health and speed up the healing process. The cream can be applied directly to the affected area to ensure the body gets the electrolytes exactly where it needs them. It's like a turbo for skin regeneration and speeds up the natural healing of injuries - and all on the spot.

Best support for your wounds

Even for the most stubborn challenges your skin faces, K-Active® Electrolyte Cream is the ultimate solution. It takes loving care of your skin, especially when it comes to scars. These scars are like memories of past injuries, and the cream ensures that these memories are as healthy as possible. It supports optimal scarring to prevent potential problems with function, circulation, and the nervous system. K-Active® Electrolyte Cream also shows its impressive effect on bruises (hematomas) and sunburn. It accelerates the removal of stored blood, reduces swelling and promotes the rapid regeneration of skin cells after sunburn

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How iron and zinc support your skin

The K-Active® Electrolyte Cream contains essential basic substances such as iron and zinc, which our body urgently needs, especially after injuries. But our body needs time to make these substances sufficiently available. This is where external support comes into play: If we specifically apply the substances directly to the wound or injury, we can accelerate healing. This is because the supply via the bloodstream always takes a certain amount of time. That is precisely the concept the unique composition of K-Active® Electrolyte Cream uses - to promote natural wound healing. The trace elements contained, such as iron and zinc, play a crucial role in the regeneration of the skin and other structures - for lightning-fast healing.

Eisen chemisches Element


Iron, an essential trace element, plays a central role in the transport of oxygen in the blood. In terms of wound healing, sufficient oxygen is particularly important. Iron helps transport vital oxygen to the cells involved in healing. When the body has sufficient iron available, fibroblasts can efficiently produce collagen and promote the healing process. This targeted supply of oxygen stimulates cellular metabolism and supports the production of new tissue structures. Similarly, iron is used as a central atom for enzymes. This allows for more efficient wound healing and improved regeneration of injured tissue.


Zinc is another basic substance that is important for numerous enzymatic reactions in the body. In the context of wound healing, it plays an important role in the formation and production of collagen. Collagen is an essential structural protein and is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Zinc is instrumental in the formation of collagen fibers and thus promotes the effective repair of damaged skin cells. In addition, zinc contributes to the regulation of inflammatory processes. It ensures that the body uses its defenses in a controlled manner to fight harmful influences. This is particularly relevant in wound healing, as inflammatory reactions are a natural part of this process.