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About Klarna

Klarna hire purchase

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is klarna?
Klarna is one of the leading payment providers in Europe and a licensed bank that enhances the payment experience for shoppers
and dealers fundamentally changed. The company, which was founded in Sweden in 2005, enables online
Shoppers quickly, easily and securely settle outstanding payments immediately, later or in instalments. Klarna works with
more than 130,000 retailers such as Asos, Spotify, MediaMarkt or Deutsche Bahn and currently employs more
2.500 employees in 14 countries. In 2014 Klarna took over Sofort GmbH; in 2017 the
Acquisition of Billpay GmbH. Investors in the company include Sequoia Capital, Bestseller Group,
Atomico, VISA and Permira. Further information can be found at www.klarna.de.

Is it safe to shop online with Klarna?
Definitely! Online shopping cannot be safer than with Klarna. In a shop you can buy the goods
you want to buy, always touch and check before you pay for them. We believe that this is the case with
Shopping online should be no different. That is why Klarna invoice purchase offers you the option to order your goods first
check and pay later.
Our goal is to make shopping easier and safer - smooth, that is. Therefore we undertake
far-reaching measures to protect you as a buyer from fraud and unreliable online merchants. Always
when you see the Klarna logo in an online shop, you can be sure that the shop is trustworthy
and meets our strict requirements.
Klarna is also certified by TÜV Saarland and Trusted Shops. Certificates give you as a consumer positive
Information on the quality of services and products. The associations registered under "the TÜV" are
worldwide and its certificates enjoy the highest international reputation. The TÜV Saarland has specialised in
customer-oriented services outside the traditional official fields of activity. Through a
every year, the TÜV Saarland makes sure that our business model is serious and Klarna is safe and reliable
Offers payment methods.
Klarna has been a "Trusted Shops Authorized Partner" since 2011 and as an "authorized partner" Klarna's processes are perfect for
adapted the quality criteria of Trusted Shops. The quality criteria of Trusted Shops are based on national
and European laws that are important for shopping on the Internet. They take into account current judgements and
Demands of consumer protection associations or even go beyond them. Read more about Trusted Shops here
Seal of approval.
In addition, Klarna's buyer's protection secures you for every purchase with Klarna. This is an agreement between you and Klarna
and Klarna, which allows you to shop safely on the Internet. To ensure that the Buyer Protection Directive
you have to make the purchase as a consumer from an entrepreneur. Please note that the
Buyer Protection Policy when paying with Sofort only applies if this is explicitly stated on the payment method selection page
is specified in the online shop of the dealer.

How does Klarna deal with the issue of data protection?
It is very important to us to protect your personal data. Therefore we always work according to the highest
Data protection standards. Our data protection officers ensure that your data is in safe hands with us
are. Here you can find our privacy policy. If you have any questions about privacy, please contact us
at [email protected].
Klarna Bank AB (publ) is a Swedish bank. For the provision of cross-border financial services
klarna is also listed with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

I have further questions regarding my payment. Can I talk to someone from Klarna?
Sure! You can always chat with us in the app or call us on 0221 669 501 10.

How does the fixed instalment purchase work?
Pay bit by bit and spread the costs of your purchase over equal monthly instalments. The conditions for
you will find the hire purchase in the respective AGBs of Klarna (for Germany, Austria). The Klarna hire purchase is available in
visible on your Klarna account - also in the Klarna App.

How can I select the installment purchase?
When you shop online, Klarna's system checks each order to determine which
Payment options are available to you. If you are offered Klarna hire purchase, choose this option
off. If you want to pay by installment purchase for the first time, you will be asked to create a Klarna account. When the
If the installment purchase is approved, Klarna will create an account for you and your order will be processed. Depending on the
Order amount, you may have to sign a contract before the account is activated, which you
is delivered by post or electronically after the purchase. You simply have to sign and return it.
For each further installment purchase, you will only be asked to confirm the purchase - another sign up process
not applicable. The order amount will be added to your Klarna account as additional funding.

Can I pay less than the amount owed per month?
You can always choose to pay your minimum payment instead of your interest payment. Your
monthly minimum payment is the minimum amount you must pay to avoid missed fees on your
Klarna account to avoid. If you decide to pay the minimum amount, it will be your
Change the financing plan and the interest rate of the final payment.

Do I have to be 18 years old?
Klarna Installment Purchase is only available for people over 18 and is an online payment method.

How do I manage my Klarna account?
You can login 24/7 to the customer portal of www.Klarna.com or the Klarna app to make your purchases
and check your monthly bill. If you need further assistance, simply contact
to Klarna customer service.

How is my monthly invoice for the installment purchase sent?
If you have decided to buy Klarna in instalments, we will send you your monthly invoice by mail. There
you will find information on how to make the payment and an overview of your Klarna account.

Which data do I have to provide with a purchase?
If you want to buy with a Klarna account, you have to provide your mobile phone number, e-mail address, your
Enter your name, billing address and date of birth. Your mobile phone number is required in case we need
have to achieve. Your monthly bills will be sent to you by mail. It is very important that you
you have given correct information, otherwise you will not receive the monthly invoice and will be liable for interest on arrears
can be made.

How can I pay?
First log in to Klarna.de or the Klarna App and go to your Klarna account on the overview page.
Select "Make a payment" and enter the amount you want to pay. If you have any questions or
If you have concerns about how to make a payment, contact Klarna customer service.

How does the flexible hire purchase with Klarna work?
If you have chosen flexible instalment purchase with Klarna, you can pay your invoice in your own
Speed pay. All orders for which you choose the flexible installment purchase are displayed on a clearly arranged
Monthly bill collected. This is always sent in the middle of the month. Do you use the payment method
If you buy in instalments for the first time, we will send you the first monthly invoice in the following month. Log in to our app
and select the desired installment payment option for the order you wish to pay for in part.
From now on, you will receive your monthly invoice regularly and you can decide yourself how much you want to pay (however
at least the minimum amount stated on your monthly invoice). You can use the still open
Amount also at any time completely repay. The complete conditions for flexible instalment purchase with Klarna
you'll find here.

Why have I received a notification/contract for an installment purchase?
A notice or contract for an installment purchase with Klarna is sent when you receive one or more
And your total account balance is 200 EUR or more. For example, if you choose
already have an account balance of 150 EUR and want to buy something else for 55 EUR, the contract
and sent to you by mail. Please sign and return it to us so that we can send you the installment purchase
can offer.

What happens during an identity and credit check?
During an identity and credit check, the data you entered for the purchase is compared with the
available data from a credit agency.

Why does Klarna carry out an identity and credit check?
Klarna carries out an identity check to ensure that the information provided is correct and also verified by
are yours. When purchasing with the payment method installment purchase, we are also protected by the consumer credit law
legally obliged to check the creditworthiness of the customer before the conclusion of the contract in order to protect him from private
to protect over-indebtedness.

When will I receive my monthly invoice for purchases on installments?
We always send your monthly bill in the middle of the month. Should you make a purchase on
Instalments, we will add the corresponding amount to the next monthly invoice. If you
for example, at the beginning of August, the amount will appear on the monthly invoice, which we will send you in the middle of September
You can decide how you want to receive your monthly bill. If you log in here, you can
you can choose between sending by post or by e-mail.

Can I also pay the outstanding instalment purchase amount in full?
Yes, you can always pay back the outstanding amount in full. As soon as the payment has been received in full
there will be no further interest. There is no longer a monthly installment purchase fee. Should you
want to buy on instalments again in the future, we simply activate your existing instalment purchase contract.