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K-Active® Relax Creme - Go Hard, Relax Harder: The secrept weapon for optimal recovery and peak performance

Experience pure muscle relaxation and accelerated recovery after intense training sessions or hard work. K-Active® Relax Cream is the key to faster recovery and enhanced athletic/physical performance – perfect for the recuperation of strained muscles and other body structures. The sports ointment with magnesium, potassium and calcium was specially developed to optimally promote the regeneration of stressed muscles and other body structures.

Valuable minerals and a unique formulation using ionization ensure effective recovery during the "passive" regeneration phase. Feel how your muscles relax after applying the K-Active® Relax cream and how any tension subsides. Give your body a well-deserved rest while the sports ointment unfolds its regenerative powers. 

Are you ready to reach new performance levels?

Sportlicher Mann mit Daumen hoch

Athletes beware: Don´t give cramps and muscle pain another chance!

Cramps and muscle pain can significantly affect the enjoyment of sports and work. This is where K-Active® Relax cream comes into play. The ointment was specially developed to offer active people effective support for cramps and sore muscles and to enable maximum recovery. Relax Cream's unique formula targets stressed muscles to relieve or prevent cramps while reducing muscle tension and pain. Whether you are a professional athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or simply an active person looking to improve your physical performance, K-Active® Relax Cream is the ideal solution.

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K-Active® Relax Cream
K-Active® Relax Cream
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Relax your muscles, heal injuries: Enjoy the versatile benefit of K-Active® Relax Cream

Relaxation, recovery, and healing – K-Active® Relax Cream is versatile in its application. With its unique composition and special formulation, it offers numerous advantages for various purposes.


For muscle soreness and cramps:

The K-Active® Relax Cream, specially formulated with magnesium, calcium, and potassium, restores the mineral balance after exertion, promoting muscle relaxation. It supports muscle recovery and can help prevent muscle soreness and cramps.

Frau dehnt sich nach Muskelkrampf

Regeneration nach Sport

Recovery after exercise:

For athletic endeavors, structures are strained and cellular stores are depleted. With K-Active® Relax Cream, you can recover more quickly from sports activities. The cream replenishes nutrient stores in the cells immediately after exercise and, especially at night, supports the regeneration and reconstruction of muscles, fasciae, tendons, and ligaments. This promotes supercompensation, preparing your body for the next phase of performance.

After injuries and surgeries:

K-Active® Relax Cream is the ideal companion for accelerated recovery after injuries or surgeries. Its special formulation, enriched with activated minerals, is perfect for supporting the structural bipolar healing of injuries – trace elements during the day and minerals at night. By using K-Active® Relax Cream specifically from the 5th or 6th day after the injury or operation, preferably in the evening or at night, it can help shorten the healing time.