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Mud packs

Moor packs are used for numerous complaints and clinical pictures. The disposable mud packs are particularly rich in minerals and ingredients and have positive effects on the body thanks to the high heat retention. They provide soothing warmth, stimulate circulation, accelerate the regeneration process and can even support pain relief. Mud packs are often used in combination with massages. They are mainly used to relax tense, aching muscles and at the same time have a caring effect on dry, stressed skin.

We explain here what effects mud packs have on the body, when and how they are used and how they differ from mud packs. 

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How do mud packs work?

The beneficial effects of mud packs have been known since the 19th century. Especially the valuable ingredients of the mud can effectively support the human organism. Mud packs with natural mud contain humic acid as the main ingredient, but also important trace elements such as zinc, iron, copper and selenium and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

The special nutrient humic acid has the following effects on the body:

  •     Acts as an antioxidant and binds free radicals produced in the body.
  •     Serves to maintain the chemical balance of our body.
  •     Promotes the enzyme activity of important metabolic processes and cell synthesis.
  •     Stimulates the immune system and stimulates the formation of antibodies and the activity of white blood cells.
  •     Has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and makes it difficult for harmful bacteria to multiply.


The ingredients contained in the peat are transferred to the skin via a fabric-permeable fleece during mud packs and can thus penetrate the body. Mud packs can be warmed up to the desired temperature with a suitable heat carrier (water bath). They are then applied to the part of the body to be treated and gradually release the stored heat into the body. This has an effect deep into the body, so that the metabolism is stimulated and the muscles are relaxed.

How are mud packs used?

Mud packs have an optimal texture for physical heat therapy in therapy. In particular, the natural composition of the healing mud serves the effective and natural application. Thanks to the permeable fleece of the natural mud packs, they are particularly gentle on the patient's skin. After the heated mud pack has been placed on the skin at room temperature, the fleece ensures intensive skin contact and thus a permanent exchange of substances with the skin. The heated heat carrier (approx. 55 - 60 degrees) filled with mud is then applied. During the 20-30 minute treatment period, the temperature rises pleasantly and remains constant.

Mud packs vs. fango

Mud and fango are both products with natural ingredients. Due to the warming temperature effect, they have a soothing and relaxing effect on the body. Fango packs are heated and then warmly applied to the patient. Mud packs, on the other hand, heat up more slowly due to a heat transfer medium and transfer this heat to the patient's body. Patients usually find this more pleasant. Furthermore, in comparison to the often used mud packs or mud baths, the mud packs, which can be used only once, can be disposed of directly after the treatment. The advantage is that there are no costs for reprocessing and the cleaning of the patient's body parts is less complex and time-consuming. In addition, an environmentally friendly disposal of the mud packs is guaranteed, as the components are easily separable