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Reaction lights: training tools with fun guarantee

Do you want sensory stimuli like sounds or flashing lights to help improve your athletic performance? Yes, you can - and with reaction lights!

Neuroathletic training is the keyword here: It is the further development of classic athletic training, in which our sensory organs are included in the training through visual and acoustic impulses, for example. And this is where the Reaction Lights come into play. They are the source of these impulses. This way, you not only bring a new wind into your daily training routine, but also increase your performance.

Are you curious? Here we explain even more about the innovative training partners!

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Lummic reflex and reaction lights (set of 4)
Lummic reflex and reaction lights (set of 4)
Lummic reflex and reaction lights (set of 4) Turn the lights off - and as fast as possible! That's the motto of the Lummic reaction lights. The app-controlled LED lights open up several possibilities for you to set new stimuli for your...
Content 4 Stück
€237.88 *
BlazePod® Standard Kit
BlazePod® Standard Kit
BlazePod® Standard Kit Flash Reflex Training on a new level The BlazePod® Standard Kit is the perfect complete package for modern reaction training in sports and therapy. The main component is the 4 pods that light up differently...
Content 4 Stück
€369.90 *
Lummic Reflex and Reaction Lights (Set of 8)
Lummic Reflex and Reaction Lights (Set of 8)
Lummic Reflex and Reaction Lights (Set of 8) You want more action? Then the Lummic Reflex and Reaction Lights Set of 8 is just what you need! The Lummic 8-piece set is great for clubs, gyms, and group trainers. The app-controlled LED...
Content 8 Stück
€451.41 *
BlazePod® Trainer Kit
BlazePod® Trainer Kit
BlazePod® Trainer Kit Flash Reflex Training on a new level The BlazePod® Trainer Kit is the perfect complete package for modern reaction training in sports and therapy. The main component is the 8 pods that light up differently depending...
Content 6 Stück
€469.90 *
BlazePod® Functional Adapter Kit
BlazePod® Functional Adapter Kit
BlazePod® Functional Adapter Kit With the Functional Adapter Kit for your BlazePod®s, you can expand your training possibilities many times over: Play with the dimensions and attach your pods vertically to smooth doors, bars - or how...
€29.90 *
BlazePod® Cone Adapter Kit
BlazePod® Cone Adapter Kit
BlazePod® Cone Adapter Kit Use the "Cone Adapter" if you want to mount your BlazePod®s on a cone and make your training even more multifaceted. Especially in team sports, such as soccer, the pods are often placed on cones on the field...
€39.90 *
BlazePod® PodBase
BlazePod® PodBase
BlazePod® PodBase Say goodbye to slipping pods with the cool PodBase! Especially during fast exercises - and that's what reaction training is all about! - it can happen that the BlazePod®s slip or even fall over. This is simply in the...
Content 2 Stück
€51.80 *

Reaction lights: Spice up any workout with them!

The trend from America is gaining ground here: reaction lights. And not without reason, because the little lights are real multi-talents: With them, you can strengthen your visual, coordinative and motor skills, train your short-term memory and playfully improve your reaction time. Reaction lights are used on sports fields, in fitness studios, retirement homes or kindergartens. The lights are small, very robust, easy to transport and, thanks to the different adapters, can be used in the most versatile situations. Using the app, you can select different games and workouts or create your own workout from light and sound signals. In the following sections, you'll learn what you should look out for when buying reaction lights and what else is interesting to know about reaction training:

What are reaction lights?

Reaction lights are small lights with integrated light sensors in the form of flat cylinders. Due to the built-in LED lights, the reaction trainers send permanently shining or sporadically flashing light signals. The sensors react both to direct touches or even to a "wipe over" in the air with hand or foot. They serve as portable workout and training equipment to sharpen the sense of reaction and concentration. You control the reaction lights via an app, which gives you the option of configuring games yourself or selecting a preset workout. The sensors can also be assigned specific colors and names to track training progress in the app.

What can I use reaction lights for?

There are no limits to the imagination here! Whether in functional training, in physical education, in memory training or in team sports: There are many opportunities where reaction lights can be used. Target groups are mainly individual athletes from the fitness sector, sports clubs, physiotherapy practices, sports centers, seniors and children.

With reaction lights one can among other things:

  •     shorten reaction times
  •     sharpen auditory perception
  •     train visual and motor reactions
  •     train memory
  •     train mobility
  •     train coordination
  •     organize sports challenges
  •     learn the piano playfully
  •     play question-answer games

How do reaction lights work?

Reaction lights consist of individual modules that are coordinated with each other via Bluetooth using an app. Each reaction light has sensors. Depending on the setting, the modules generate light or sound signals that are switched off by means of the sensors. These sensors react to touch as well as to contactless "swiping" over them. However, it is also possible to activate only one of these two options.

What criteria should reaction lights fulfill?

If you want to buy reaction lights, you should consider the following features:

  •     waterproof and UV-resistant material
  •     Different adapters
  •     Robust housing
  •     bright LED lights
  •     Individually configurable workouts
  •     light and sound signals

How many light modules do I need?

That depends on your individual goals. The lights are available in sets of 4 or 8, and there are also individual reaction lights with which you can expand your set of 4. The maximum number of lights that can be controlled via the app is 8. We recommend the 8-piece set especially for larger groups, teams and sports teams. For training alone or with a partner, 4 lights are also sufficient. The more reaction lights are used, the more demanding the workout will be.

How can I charge my reaction lights?

The reaction lights can be easily charged by setting all lights to "ON", connecting one to the charging cable and stacking all other lights on top. For the shortest possible charging time, you should not stack more than 4 reaction lights on top of each other, but you can charge up to 8 lights with one cable. Optimally, however, you charge the 8 lights with 2 cables.

What influences our reaction?

Factors that affect our response include visual stimuli, auditory stimuli, our sense of balance, our ability to concentrate, or our level of fatigue. These factors, each individually, represent a set screw that we can turn. The better the brain and body are able to communicate with the environment and the stimuli it provides, the more efficient we are. With regular neuroathletics training and reaction training, we can influence our brain in terms of how powerfully, precisely or dynamically it responds to a stimulus. This is because, based on these stimuli, our brain designs a movement program before a reaction even occurs. So we can already influence our reaction through sufficient sleep, regular brain jogging and reaction training.

Reaction lights in sports

A large area of application for reaction lights is sports. Here in particular, a lightning-fast reaction is required, because the ability to react often determines success or failure within milliseconds. In team sports, reaction lights are particularly suitable for improving one's kick-off and optimizing one's dribbling and passing accuracy. The reaction trainers are also a brilliant tool in two-on-one training or goalkeeper training. With the app, each player's progress can be tracked and compared with the scores of others. The lights not only hold well on the ground, but also on posts, trees, cross cages, functional training courses, on glass surfaces or on pylons. But thanks to the strap, you can also strap the lights around your body. Reaction lights awaken every fighting spirit and are the perfect fitness equipment for varied, dynamic training sessions and workouts.

For whom is neuroathletics training with reaction lights suitable?

Neuroathletic training can already be introduced to children who playfully concentrate on visual or auditory stimuli and direct their focus on movements and balance. Therefore, this type of training is suitable for any age group as long as the child or adult is able to consciously focus on specific stimuli.

Reaction lights are used in health or sports institutions such as sports clubs, kindergartens, schools and retirement homes as well as by personal and fitness trainers, coaches of sports teams and physiotherapists. Also for private use, the portable lights are ideal to face new challenges as an athlete, among seniors or with the family.

Innovative Reaction Lights from Lummic

Coordination, speed and fun - that's what Lummic combines in one set with its reaction lights. The Lummics, which have been specially developed for light reflex training, also known as flash reflex training, are particularly robust, weatherproof and can withstand hard knocks or firm kicks. With their flashing lights, they not only create visual stimuli, but can also be used for auditory training thanks to their sound function. Thus, unlike their competitors, which are limited only to the light function, the Lummics offer a combination of visual and acoustic stimuli. In the Lummic app, you'll find over 40 varied exercises. Or you can let your creativity run wild by configuring your own personal workouts. No more boring workouts!