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Moringa oil

Moringa oil

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  • Rich care for every skin & hair type | Energy for your body
  • Anti-aging: smoothes wrinkles and reduces age spots
  • 100% natural, organic & vegan: pure, gently cold-pressed oil from Moringa seeds
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Moringa Oil - Natural Booster for Skin & Hair When it comes to caring for dry skin and... more

Moringa Oil - Natural Booster for Skin & Hair

When it comes to caring for dry skin and brittle hair, we often reach for the supposedly "best" products at the nearest drugstore. But what's inside? We rarely know, because the most unpronounceable ingredients are almost always written on the back of the tube.

Yet just one natural ingredient is enough to make your skin supple again and your hair shiny: Moringa oil!

  • From the seeds of the Moringa tree: contains the powerful ingredients of the miracle tree Moringa oleifera
  • Cold-pressed: due to the gentle production process, all valuable substances are preserved
  • Certified organic: environmentally friendly cultivation without artificial or chemical additives

Effect of Moringa oil

Moringa oil is also called behen oil and, like moringa powder, has a variety of desirable effects on our body. The powder is mainly taken to improve health and well-being. The oil, on the other hand, has an excellent reputation as a cosmetic product.

  • moisturises skin and hair and makes both soft and supple again
  • has an anti-aging effect, smoothes wrinkles and reduces age spots on the skin
  • smoothes the appearance of blemished skin, e.g., acne, pimples & blackheads
  • reduces hair loss and supports hair growth
  • gives strength and supports the immune system

Ingredients of Moringa oil

This is made possible by the extremely effective ingredients of the Moringa oleifera plant. These include vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids in high density. In addition, the ingredients include over 48 antioxidants, 26 anti-inflammatory and 13 analgesic substances as well as the legendary "fountain of youth hormone" zeatin. During the gentle cold pressing process, these ingredients are preserved and thus end up directly in the oil.

Advantages of Moringa oil by K-Active®

The Moringa oil from K-Active® Green is obtained from Moringa from certified organic cultivation. The German LACON Institute is responsible for the certification of the cultivation areas in the Indian state of Punjab. This guarantees a 100 % natural production of Moringa oil - without any pesticides.

Application of Moringa oil

Moringa oil is used both externally and internally.

External use

  • Gently massaged into the skin, e.g., on the hands, feet, or face, it supports the healing of the smallest cracks, provides the skin with lasting moisture, and thus makes it soft and supple.
  • For skin problems such as acne, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect of moringa oil can contribute to clearer skin. Simply apply the oil to the affected areas of skin and gently massage it in.
  • The oil can be used for dry scalp as well as for brittle hair ends. Simply work the cosmetic into the hair and rinse it off after a short time.
  • You want to reduce the signs of ageing? No problem! Moringa oil smoothes wrinkles and reduces age spots on the skin.

Internal application

  • With its pleasant, slightly nutty taste, moringa oil is also perfect for incorporating into your daily meals! Moringa is known to support the immune system and give the body noticeably more strength and stamina.

    Moringa oil is 100% organic and vegan, so it is completely safe to consume!

Product details

  • Ingredients: 100 % purest oil from Moringa seeds
  • Organic certified & vegan
  • High oxidation stability: long shelf life without preservatives
  • Contents: 50 ml
  • Manufacturer: VelaCell UG, Vilsheim
  • Information on organic cultivation and the VelaCell project: www.velacell.de


High-quality Moringa oil has the property of solidifying at temperatures below approx. 20° C. Therefore it is not recommended to use Moringa oil. Should this be the case, the vial can simply be gently warmed in a water bath to liquefy the oil again. To ensure that the Moringa oil is ready for use at any time, it should be stored in a warmer place.

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