• When the physiotherapist Siegfried Breitenbach, certified by the German Olympic Sports Federation, opened a small sales company in 1994 in addition to his practice for physical therapy, the dynamic development of this company could not yet be foreseen.

  • Already in 1996 in Hungary, the Nawa Corp. was founded together with the hungarian partner Maria Eich to organize courses in physical therapy and to distribute the necessary products.

  • The in early 2002 specially founded Kinesio Deutschland GmbH focusing on training and the distribution of Kinesiology Tapes was established as one of the pioneers in Europe in this specific area.


  • In 2007, out of Kinesio Germany GmbH, the company K-Active Europe GmbH was founded. During the course of further successful development the corporations/companies K-Active® Hungary Kft., K-Active® Schweiz GmbH und K-Active® Maroc SARL were established.


  • Due to the continuous expansion of K-Active®, the workforce moved into a new company building in Hösbach near Aschaffenburg in 2014.




The company K-Active Europe GmbH developed out of the company Kinesio Deutschland GmbH. Since 2007 it is under this brand name the exclusive sales partner of the  medical products manufacturer Nitto Denko Corp.( Japan) for Europe , as well as for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine , the Middle East, in Africa and South America. In 1984,the international manufacturer Nitto Denko Corp. with its about 30.000 employees developed the first Kinesiology Tape. With their longtime production experience and ISO certifications from the German TÜV, Nitto Denko Corp. guarantees highest quality.

Health and quick healing – that was (and still is)  the idea of physical therapist Siegfried Breitenbach when he founded the company. One of the key issues for K-Active is the assistance for the well-being of people as well as the “natural” support in the various phases of performance, recuperation and the healing of the (human) body. Therefrom the company guideline developed: Holistic Solutions for Sport and Medicine.

Our goal is to look at a person in a holistic approach with all its structures, emotions and energies, but also in its psychosocial environment. Furthermore it is currently becoming more and more important in order to keep a healthy lifestyle to deal with topics as for example mobility, nutrition, drinking patterns, and geomancy and electro smog. Only, if all these topics are taken into consideration or rather are optimal balanced a person can live a healthy and happy life.


The foundation of our training system is to gather a variety of knowledge worldwide so that we can mediate that knowledge in our own courses or have external experts impart (our and) their knowledge in courses to the participants. Only if you understand the processes of the body, harmful external influences or harmful wrongdoings of the affected person, the right athletic and therapeutical measurements can be taken or the appropriate products can be applied.

Only the body can heal itself! – Derived from that insight, we try to match appropriate products to support the human body in its physical performance and healing process. The K-Active® products are available in more than 50 countries in cooperation with local partner companies. To meet the clients expectations and in accordance to the motto “Holistic solutions for sports and medicine” K-Active® continuously, over the last couple of years, improved and developed its range of products for taping, sports and medicine.

The K-Active® courses are currently developed and held from 50 instructors, composed of professors, doctors, therapists, alternative healers and sports scientists all over the world. Due to the rising demand for these courses worldwide, we have continuously introduced new instructors in addition to the senior instructors. Selection criteria for the instructors are beside an excellent medical knowledge in various fields , also a personal suitability as well as being team oriented. All instructors are on a very high scientific level due to periodic exchange.

In an attempt to provide K-Active employees the most optimal work conditions, the company building was designed and build with the Feng Shui concept in mind to support the “positive energies” within the building. Big light-filled rooms which are color coordinated by compass direction as well as large windows that allow the view in the Feng Shui designed garden present the employees with a positive and motivating work environment.

On the roof of the company building is a large Photovoltaic system that supplies the building during the day with renewable solar energy. It was also designed with the idea in mind to store the produced electricity in batteries so that you can use that electricity at night as well.

Currently the K-Active® products are available in more than 50 countries and have earned the highest recognition by medical professionals. K-Active is a proud partner of many Olympic and University teams as well as national teams, national Top-Teams and individual athletes. In Germany alone K-Active supports right now six national top sports associations and since 2006 supports the German Olympic team with tape-products at their games. K-Active Tapes are also recommended by the German Olympic Sports Confederation and have the DOSB rating.


Due to the continuously expansion of K-Active a new company headquarter had been built close to Aschaffenburg. With that new spaces and more opportunities were created for qualified and motivated employees, as well as for a more optimized and enhanced logistic. Our goal (for our customers) is to ensure the highest quality and the best possible service with the continuously increasing numbers of customers and sales.

In the future K-Active would like to integrate the holistic solution of the K-Active Taping method into other various medical areas, so that even more athletes and patients can benefit from it and have an even more happier and healthier life . Furthermore the contact to universities, research facilities and associations should get (further) extended so that the scientific background of this method can be confirmed by even more intensive studies and findings.

K-Active Headquarter

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