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Hyperice® Hypervolt Bluetooth® Vibrationsmassage-Tool
Hyperice® Hypervolt Bluetooth®...
Der brandneue Hypervolt Bluetooth® - das innovative Massagetool der Top-Athleten Die Weiterentwicklung des Vibrationsmassagegeräts der Top-Athleten. Extrem leistungsstark und zugleich sehr leise und leicht. Jetzt NEU mit...
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Hypervolt charger
Hypervolt charger
The Hypervolt needs new or even more Power? With the spare power supply, the Hypervolt can be charged quickly and efficiently at home, in the office or on the road in under two hours. The part can be charged in the office, at home or in...
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Hyperice® Hypervolt Plus vibration massage tool
Hyperice® Hypervolt Plus vibration massage tool
Hyperice® Hypervolt Plus vibration massage tool - more power than ever before! As the big brother of the Hypervolt vibration massager, the Hypervolt Plus has a whopping 50% more power! Because the motor no longer has 60 watts like the...
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Hyperice® Hypervolt Vibrationsmassage-Tool
Hyperice® Hypervolt vibration massage tool
Hypervolt 2.0: A new generation of self-massage Handy. Lightweight. Effective! The Hypervolt is perfect for self-massage and promotes effectively the blood circulation ! This can.. ... Muscle soreness relieved, ... the healing after...
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Hyperice® Hypervolt Case
Hyperice® Hypervolt Case
The Hypervolt Case not only transports your Hypervolt comfortably, but also protects it in the best possible way. The lightweight and durable case features a soft, matte black silicone shell and ergonomic silicone handle, and the custom...
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Hyperice® Hypervolt stand-alone charger
Hyperice® Hypervolt stand-alone charger
With the powerful accessories your Hypervolt is charged within 2 hours. In addition, the station can be elegantly integrated into any room and stored decoratively. As a design accessory, the charging station embodies the look and feel of...
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