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BIOSWING® rehabilitation module

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  • For pelvic, knee joint and ankle stabilisation exercises in a closed kinetic chain in higher fre-quency muscle synergism
  • Can be used in the post-operative rehabilitation phase
  • Suitable for the BIOSWING® Posturomed 202
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The BIOSWING® rehabilitation module is an accessory for the BIOSWING® Posturomed 202. It is used for directional stabilisation exercises on the Posturomed 202. With the rehabilitation module, which can only be connected to the Posturomed® 202, pelvic, knee joint and ankle joint stabilisation exercises can be carried out in a closed kinetic chain in higher frequency muscle synergism. Due to the possible partial relief of the lower extremities, the rehabilitation module can be used in an early rehabilitation phase. Once the rehabilitation module is mounted, it can be easily and simply attached to the Posturomed with the plug-in system.

While the patient stands with one leg stable on the fixed element above the therapy surface (fixed point), the other leg stands unstable on the mobile element (mobile point), which is securely locked on the swinging therapy surface of the Posturomed®. With the help of the intervention traction or a cable traction device, the patient can additionally work against a resistance.

For optimal use of the rehabilitation module, visual feedback on compliance with the directions of movement specified by the therapist is required: either via the feedback module (mechanical) or via MicroSwing measuring system (electronic).