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BIOSWING® Posturomed 202

BIOSWING® Posturomed 202

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  • To improve coordination and stability
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The Posturomed® 202 is the neuro-orthopaedic diagnostic, prevention and therapy device with a... more

The Posturomed® 202 is the neuro-orthopaedic diagnostic, prevention and therapy device with a dosed damped unstable surface. This therapy surface is attached to special oscillating elements which allow dosed damped evasive movements in a certain frequency range and with differently adjustable vibration amplitudes. Due to the dosed increase of the proprioceptive, vestibular and optical afferences on the Posturomed® an optimal quality of postural actions and reactions can be worked out. This individually dosed Activation of the segmental, sectoral and polysegmental coordination serves the optimal stabilization of the supporting joints and the spinal column. A stable postural system forms the Basis of a painless and efficient movement system, especially for long lasting monotonous activities. The crosshairs located on the 60 x 60 cm therapy area with Circle centring enables the user to visually orientate himself during training. This identification enables standardised test procedures such as the PosturoKybernetikTest PKT. The enclosed intervention train enables on the one hand the manual calming of the therapy area by the therapist, on the other hand the targeted deflection of the therapy area for a reactive training. The Posturomed® 202 can be supplemented by numerous additional modules, which significantly expands its already large spectrum of indications. Approved as a medical device in the class 1.

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