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Smart Knee Kit

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As soon as pain or other If problems occur in the knee , an injury is present or an... more

As soon as pain or other If problems occur in the knee, an injury is present or an operation has been performed, our brain immediately receives sensory information about this condition. The brain then decides that a maximum load on the knee is absolutely contraindicated and therefore reduces the controllability of Thigh muscle M. quadriceps. The resulting lack of co-contraction even further increases the problems in the joint!

Through neuromuscular electrical stimulation, in short NMES (EMS is its predecessor), impulses can be transmitted to the thigh muscle in such a situation, which can be used for training the muscular Structures. In doing so, the body's protective reflex, which has evolved over time, is switched off: in the past, no specific external control of muscles possible.

NMES can be used both in a stationary position and can also be used in combined muscle training (CMT) An example: After an operation, the Smartknee-Kit is applied without movement, in the further healing process parallel to Muscle movements and coordinative training.

In addition to this measure on the thigh muscle, a second stimulus in the area of the patellar ligament to provide transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation ("TENS") or regenerative programs for the knee to be applied.

The Smartknee-Kit is not only suitable for self-treatment, but also supports the therapy in your practice.

Tip: Renting the Smartknee-Kit as service or to your patients for a fee so that they can continue the therapy at home.

Your Advantages:

  • Use after injuries and Operations or in case of pain and other problems in the knee
  • All functions can be accessed via an app on the smartphone or tablet controllable
  • Simple and stable investment option with 3 different drum sizes
  • Significantly longer service life than individual Electrodes due to the integrated and conductive carbon contact surfaces
  • Due to the strong magnets the Stims provide a very good grip even during intensive movement
  • The Smartknee kit is washable

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