Massagelotion Ultra

Naqui® Massagelotion Ultra

NAQI® massage lotions have been specially developed by dermatologists for therapeutic use. The NAQI® Massage Lotion Ultra features a unique liquid crystal structure, which imitates the structure of the skin and provides ideal tissue stimulation even when applied sparingly. A protective film reduces the negative effects of the mechanical skin irritations during the massage - the natural barrier of the skin is protected.

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  • pH-neutral and dermatologically tested
  • Excellent gliding effect
  • Economical consumption: Use less lotion – Save money
  • Skin-friendly and non-greasy emulsion. The creamy watery texture ensures easy distribution on the skin. After the treatment the skin is dry – you can get dressed immediately.
  • Contains neither parabens nor formaldehydes
  • Contains hypoallergenic fragrances
  • Skin Care: Allantoin & Panthenol
Massagelotion Sport

Naqui® Massagelotion Sport

The NAQI® Massage-Lotion Sport offers excellent lubricating properties with very high-quality ingredients. With its unique liquid crystal structure and the active ingredient cetearylethylhexanoate (a skin-friendly oil-soluble component with re-greasing effect), this lotion achieves excellent lubrication but limits the greasy feeling. Oil-rich massage lotion for longer sports massages

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  • Neutral fragrance (hypoallergenic fragrances)
  • Paraben-free and without formaldehyde splitter
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Can be used extremely economically
  • Easy to wash out and leaves no stains
  • With an oil content of 44% it is ideal for longer sports massages (approx. 45 min.).
Cold Pack Standard

Naqi® Coldpack Standard

Reusable Naqi Cold Pack for lasting pain relief for sprains, contortions, bruises and all other induced actions that require cold therapy.

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  • The non-toxic gel remains mobile down to -30°C
  • The imprint is on the inside, so the ink cannot come into contact with the skin.

Naqi® Cold- Hotpack

Reusable NAQI® Cold-Hot-Pack for lasting pain relief. Pharmaceutical quality. Thanks to its flexible shape, the Naqi Cold-Hot-Pack easily nestles against the affected body part.

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  • Flexible: This non-toxic gel remains flexible at temperatures down to -30°C and can be heated in hot water or microwave to up to 70°C max.
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Safe: Instructions are printed on the inside so that the colour does not come into contact with the skin.
  • Strong: 4 layers, for continuous use
  • Best price-performance ratio
  • Dimensions: 13 x 27 cm

For bruises, tensions, sprains and all other cases for which cold therapy is suitable.

For tense or painful muscles as well as all other cases for which heat therapy is suitable.

To prevent (cold) burns, always place a cloth between the skin and the heat/cool compress.

Liquid Soap

Naqi® Liquid Soap

Mild cleanser for the skin with a very good skin compatibility

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  • Mild and skin-friendly cleaning agent.
  • pH value specially adapted to the skin does not attack the skin’s natural acid protection and protects against microorganisms.
  • Very well tolerated by the skin, making it particularly suitable for frequent hand washing.
  • Skin feels pleasant after washing.

Moisten the skin, add a small amount of NAQI® Liquid Soap to both palms and soap. Rinse, dry hands well and apply hand emulsion.

  • 500 ml, 800 ml bag for wall dispenser, 5 l
Warming Up Competition 1

Naqui® Warming Up Competition 1

Protection against cold. Better performance with less heat loss. Targets: Protective and water-resistant lipogels that stimulate blood circulation and protect against cold without affecting the normal functions of the skin.

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  • Pleasantly warm feeling, leads to slight reddening of the skin.
  • For wet and cold weather.

Massage gently into the legs, arms, back and neck about ten minutes before training, and in any case after a warm-up massage. Repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with face and mucous membranes.

  • 100 ml airless, 500 ml
Warming Up Competition 2

Naqui® Warming Up Competition 2

Muscle warming - cold protection. Better performance with less heat loss. Protective and water-repellent lipogels that promote blood circulation and provide protection from cold and moisture without interfering with skin breathing.

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  • Gives a pleasant feeling of warmth, slightly reddens the skin.
  • To be used in unfavourable weather conditions.

In cold weather, gently massage in the legs, arms, back and neck ten minutes before exertion and after a warming massage. Repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with face and mucous membrane.

  • 100 ml airless spray, 500 ml


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