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NAQI - skin care products with years of experience!

Nobody is perfect! It is the same with our skin. No skin is perfect, but with a certain amount of care, it can be greatly improved. But that's not all NAQI does: NAQI also offers lotions for optimal massage, which have excellent lubricating properties to offer. The company also scores with excellent first aid equipment and many care products.

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NAQI® Massage Lotion Ultra
NAQI® Massage Lotion Ultra
NAQI® massage lotions have been specially developed by dermatologists for therapeutic use. The NAQI® Massage Lotion Ultra features a unique liquid crystal structure that mimics the structure of the skin. Advantages pH-neutral and...
Content 0.5 Liter
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NAQI® Massage Lotion Sport
NAQI® Massage Lotion Sport
Oil-rich massage lotion for longer sports massages The NAQI® Massage-Lotion Sport offers excellent lubricating properties with very high-quality ingredients. With the unique liquid crystal structure and the active ingredient...
Content 0.5 Liter
€17.84 *
NAQI® Dosing Pump
NAQI® Dosing Pump
NAQI® Dosing Pump Environmentally friendly, reusable pump for all 500 ml bottles from NAQI®. The reusable NAQI® dosing pump is compatible with all 500 ml bottles from NAQI®. Your NAQI® bottle is empty? Simply rinse the pump with soap and...
Content 1 Stück
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NAQI® Votra Plus - cold protection for feet
NAQI® Votra Plus - cold protection for feet
NAQI® Votra Plus Against cold feet during sports! Especially in cold temperatures, outdoor sports can cause the body temperature to drop, for example during short breaks. This often leads to unpleasantly cold feet. With the sports lotion...
Content 0.1 Liter
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Popular care products from NAQI

The range of skincare products from NAQI is insanely large. From products in areas such as massage and skin regeneration, to cold/hot packs, ultrasound gels and hygiene, NAQI's selection is so diverse that everyone can find their perfect product.

NAQI Massage Lotion Ultra

Dermatologists developed NAQI massage creams explicitly for physiotherapeutic applications. The massage lotion Ultra is characterised by its extraordinary liquid structure, which reproduces the skin structure. The advantage of the gel is that it can be applied very sparingly, thus saving money. The protective film of the lotion reduces the negative effects of skin irritation during massage. The lotion is rounded off by a skin-friendly and at the same time non-oily smear.

NAQI Massage Lotion Sport

With an oil content of 44%, the massage lotion Sport is perfect for longer sports treatments (approx. 45 min). Here too, selected ingredients provide an excellent lubricating action. Like the Ultra Gel, the lotion is easy to wash out, as well as paraben-free and contains hypoallergenic fragrance essence.

NAQI Warming Up Competition 1

This waterproof lipogel provides excellent protection against the cold without compromising the function of your skin. At the same time, you achieve better performance, even with reduced heat loss. The purpose of NAQI Warming Up Competition 1 is to activate blood circulation. The gel is to be used especially on sensitive skin.

NAQI Warming Up Competition 2

Like the above, the "successor" to Warming Up Competition 1 also protects against bad weather conditions, such as cold and rain. The difference here is that with Competition 2 there is a slight warming of the skin during application.

NAQI Cold-Pack Standard

For lasting pain relief from sprains, strains or bruises, the reusable NAQI Cold Packs are the ideal solution. The harmless gel remains flexible down to -30 degrees. The positive thing here is that the printing ink cannot touch your skin, as the print is on the inner side. This means you are free from skin irritation.

NAQI Cold-Hot-Pack

This pain-relieving compress is a real all-in-one product: it is suitable for cold and heat therapy. For example, tension, bruises, or sprains can be relieved with the help of a cold application, and painful or tense muscles with a heat application. The advantage of the pack is that it adapts perfectly to the affected part of the body thanks to its movable shape.

Why NAQI? - The advantages

NAQI convinces with skin care products through high quality. All products are dermatologically tested, as well as pH-neutral and contain neither parabens nor formaldehydes. A great advantage of this brand is also that customers are offered a reasonable price-performance ratio for the first-class care products with high quality at the same time.

What should I look out for when using NAQI skincare products?

If you decide to use the NAQI Competition Up 2, you should know that the application may cause slight heating and thus reddening of the skin. Also, keep your face and mucous membranes away from this product.
When using the NAQI Cold-Hot compresses, make sure to place a cloth between your skin and the heat/cold pack. This prevents (cold) burns.

NAQI - A goal with clear ideas

NAQI was founded in 1986 by Edgard Geyskens. At that time, he already had a clear mission: optimal skin care products should be developed and manufactured with the following goals in mind: Skin problems should be treated effectively, the outer appearance of the skin should be improved, and a suitable aftercare should be offered.

This mission has been accomplished and today NAQI's focus is on primary care, sports medicine, and hospitals. The ambitious goal is to improve your skin structure, your well-being, and your outer appearance. To achieve this, an experienced and motivated team is behind the company, which distributes skin care products in the European Union, Australia, the Asian continent, and the USA.