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FieldPower - Take your performance to the next level

With the FieldPower resistance machines, you train as if you were on another planet. Thanks to hypergravity training, your fitness will increase in no time. The pull cords in the FieldPower machines give you constant resistance during your workout and thus enable you to work your muscles evenly. Concentric and eccentric movements optimally stimulate and strengthen the muscle. Whether you want to improve your endurance, train your balance or rehabilitate after an injury, FieldPower is always the right choice for you.

Find out more about FieldPower and hypergravity training here.

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FieldPower multi Mobile
FieldPower multi Mobile
Due to the effective training against resistance and the associated change eccentric and concentric muscle tension, the individual areas of the Body is particularly well stimulated. Hypergravity training does not allow maximum forces to...
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The FieldPower Multi Mobile

With a weight of only 7kg and thanks to the castors under the foot, the FieldPower Multi Mobile is easily suitable for practice or training on the pitch. At the same time, it is stable and offers 360° rotation of movement when standing on the corresponding foot. It connects to the body via the waistcoat, waist belt, arm or ankle cuffs, which are attached to the FieldPower via simple carabiners. With a resistance of up to 48kg and a maximum distance of 11m, the FieldPower Multi Mobile offers you a good introduction to resistance training.

What can I use FieldPower for?

As a mobile and versatile training tool, FieldPower covers a wide range of different training areas. These include, among others:

  •     Muscle building
  •     Mobility
  •     Coordination
  •     Balance
  •     functional fitness
  •     Endurance Training
  •     Agility
  •     Speed & Explosiveness


In addition to the classic applications, FieldPower can also help you regain your strength after an injury or surgery. Thanks to flexibly adjustable resistances, anyone can use the FieldPower equipment.