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BellaBambi® by K-Active® INTENSE, ruby red

BellaBambi® by K-Active® INTENSE, ruby red

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • For the strong fascial treatment of the whole body
  • Effectively promotes increased blood circulation through negative pressure (cupping)
  • Made of medical silicone and therefore unbreakable



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The BellaBambi® "Intense" in ruby red is suitable for strong use, for example on the back... more

The BellaBambi® "Intense" in ruby red is suitable for strong use, for example on the back or arms and legs of athletes. It unfolds the highest suction effect on the skin and is therefore a welcome possibility to increase the stimulus strength of the "Vitality" even further.

BellaBambi® Intense has proven itself especially in the exercises for fascia training, among other things as the last step of a multi-stage fascia training. People with robust skin and trained muscles will also find BellaBambi® Intense's powerful shearing effect pleasant and effective when they start directly with it. Before sport, blood circulation can be boosted, especially if individual muscle groups are exposed to extreme stress or a deficit in elasticity and resilience is known. The first regeneration impulses can be set immediately after the activity.

In addition, BellaBambi® Intense is often and successfully used for fascia exercises on the sole of the foot. The most pronounced part of the fascia network is jointly responsible for an upright posture and a functioning sense of balance. BellaBambi® helps to sensitize and dynamize the mechanoreceptors in the sole of the foot.

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