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Special offer for clubs - Package Expert

Special offer for clubs - Package Expert

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Your team is already in preparation, but there is still a lot of confusion in the support... more

Your team is already in preparation, but there is still a lot of confusion in the support case? With the support of K-Active the suitcase is refilled at special prices and your Team is prepared for the case of emergency!
As the outfitter of the German Olympic Team and numerous professional clubs - such as SV Darmstadt 98 - we offer you professional and free advice! You are welcome to come in Hösbach (near Aschaffenburg) on site or talk to us via Skype or telephone.

To provide individual support for all teams in the various leagues, we have put together the individual packages Standard, Expert and Premium.

Our Expert Package goes beyond the standard version with a 15% discount and consists of the following products:

Blister plaster

... to reduce the risk of infection and promote the healing of blisters.

Elastic bandages (short pull)
... in order to enable immediate external compression with the system, so that bleeding into an injured structure can be reduced. The bandages should be washed 2-3 times before use so that they lose their impregnation and liquid can be absorbed. Either the bandages may already be impregnated or "ice water" may be poured over them after application. Thus the physical effect of evaporative cooling is effective and the injured area is gently cooled downwards by removing the heat from the evaporating fluids.

K-Active® Cohefix
... to fix gauze compresses. In addition, Cohefix is often used as a bandage under a tape bandage.

K-Active First Aid cream
... to treat blunt or closed injuries or to support the First Aid Spray by applying the cream around an open wound.

K-Active First Aid Spray
... to reduce bleeding and optimise germ defence through the activated trace elements. In addition, the spray massively supports wound healing. The First Aid Spray can be used everywhere in the of open injuries and even in the face and mouth area.

K-Active® Kinesiologic Tape: Lymph Cord

... to effectively counteract sore or overstrained muscles. The pre-cut tape can be used for all injuries immediately after the acute treatment to reduce swelling can be used.

Adhesive binding

... to provide extensive support for sports injuries. The adhesive bandage can also be used as a compression system or to fix ointment bandages.

Cooling spray

... to dampen pain receptors through the influence of short-term cold and thus reduce pain transmission. In addition, this also has an effect on the blood vessels, which move in together. The spray is used for injuries and pain, but only in the area of the uninjured skin. This can also be used to limit bleeding into an injured area.

Sports Tape

...to apply appropriate functional bandages to the athlete with the inelastic sports tape prophylactically or after injuries.

Sterile compresses

... to cover skin lesions to prevent infection.


... to cover injuries of the skin and to prevent infections or other
To avoid problems.

Wound cleaning spray

... to spray disinfect open wounds directly.

Note: The suitcase in the picture is not part of the package, but is also discounted in the context of the promotion.

The K-Active team wishes you as your personal sports partner a successful and injury-free season 2019/20!

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