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TOGU® Actiroll® Wave S

TOGU® Actiroll® Wave S

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • The first individually adjustable fascial roller with wave surface
  • Can release adhesions and tensions
  • Promotes the blood circulation of the whole body


  • 10363
  • 15 cm
  • 6,5 cm
The Actiroll® Wave fascial roll - made in Germany - is a new air-filled and at the same time... more

The Actiroll® Wave fascial roll - made in Germany - is a new air-filled and at the same time hard roll which is used as a regeneration tool for self-massage and relaxation.

The Actiroll® can be easily and continuously adjusted to different degrees of hardness with the enclosed hand pump. This makes the Actiroll® perfect for creating new progressions in and work with different people and requirements. Compared to foam rolls, no material fatigue occurs. The air filling while at the same time remaining hard Surface of the product causes an absorbing (rebounding) effect. This makes it possible to roll painlessly and without risk of injury even over joints and vertebral bodies. Due to the Wave structure, the massage effect is gentler and more even.

How is the Actiroll® used?

  • During the massage using your own body weight, especially adhesions and tensions can be released.
  • The blood circulation of the whole body can thus be promoted.
  • With its new wave-like structure it offers even more and deeper massage effects. The Actiroll® Wave is resistant, durable and space-saving to use used in the field of fascial fitness, training and therapy.
  • Perfect for mobilising the spine.
  • The special surface also allows lymph to be transported back when wearing compression stockings, e.g. in aftercare. Therefore also ideal companion for air travel (thrombosis prophylaxis) and for the prevention of varicose veins.

Generally speaking:

  • Slow rolling: against stiffness and pain
  • Fast rolling: for stimulation of the fascial tissue

Tested and recommended by the Forum: Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V. and the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR)

Further information at: AGR e.V., Pf. 103, 27443 Selsingen, Tel. 04284/92 69 990, www.agr-ev.de

Height: 6,5 cm
Lenght: 15 cm
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