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TOGU® Bodybone®

TOGU® Bodybone®

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Experience pure relaxation after a hard training or a long working day
  • Excellent, anatomically coordinated therapy and training tool
  • Releases and mobilises tension and blockages in the entire spinal column area


  • 10310
  • 15 cm
  • 6,5 cm
What is the Bodybone®? Bodybone® - made in Germany - is a training and massage device... more

What is the Bodybone®?

Bodybone® - made in Germany - is a training and massage device made of ruton with a special weight filling. The material Ruton is odourless and very resilient (up to approx. 200kg). The Product is latex-free and contains no prohibited plasticizers (according to EU Directive 2005/84/EC).

What does the application do?

The Bodybone® is an excellent, anatomically coordinated therapy and training tool for specifically releasing and mobilising tension and blockages in the entire spinal column area. Further areas of application are trigger point and foot reflex zone massage. The device can also be used as additional weight in back, abdominal and extremity training.

How does it work?

The special design allows the massage of the spinal column muscles without putting strain on the spinal column itself. The device is placed with its wide, ball-shaped ends on the muscle strands and off, while the narrow centre lies exactly above the spine and hardly touches it. Tensions and blockages are thus released without stressing the spinal column. Through a special the trigger point and acupressure massage, the Bodybone can be methodically integrated into any therapy. The size and hardness of the device are also suitable for for a foot reflexology massage.


"First of all, with this unusual shape, one wonders how the device works. But everything has been well thought out: the hardness of the device allows intensive work on the muscles, the The shape also protects the spine from unnecessary strain. My partner rolls the bodybone over my back along the spine and gradually releases my tensions. With the trigger point attachment can be used to apply targeted pressure to individual points. The effect of a foot reflex zone massage is also ingenious. With my foot I roll the Bodybone® back and forth, practice and I'm amazed at how sprightly you feel afterwards."

*If you have any complaints, ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice before starting training.

Height: 6,5 cm
Lenght: 15 cm
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