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KONE-X Active Mat

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The Kone-X Active Mat - Massage comfort and fast relief from overuse pain... more

The Kone-X Active Mat - Massage comfort and fast relief from overuse pain

Tired feet after work, sports activities or a shopping trip?

A few exercises on the Kone-X Active Mat will alleviate your complaints and improve your well-being
significantly improved?!

By standing and moving on the mat, the approximately 200,000 nerve endings on the underside of the foot are
activated and thus enable better blood circulation, improved reflux, increased influence on
to the internal organs via the reflex zones, improvement of muscle strength and reduction of painful feet.

The mat is therefore suitable for:

  • Recreation for the feet
  • Training of the foot muscles and foot arches
  • Support for muscle strength building in the whole body
  • Support in coordination and balance
  • Support for the integration of muscle into the muscle chains.
  • Foot reflexology
  • Support with yoga and other sports activities.

Application areas:

  • Additional activation of the sensors, e.g. during the morning toilet in the bathroom
  • For sports activity
  • At work
  • In the prophylaxis and regeneration phases

Also possible as a base in the shower

Sometimes 5 to 10 minutes can be used to give your body the right impulses again
for a healthy lifestyle. Use this simple possibility to
To get your feet and thus your body in motion.

Tip: Also suitable for company health management!

Product details:

  • Patented construction with biocompatible material
  • Distributes the pressure evenly over the connected crests in the vicinity
  • Mat does not contain harmful substances such as PBA or PVC

Possible training exercises:

Studies have shown that the feet and ankles become stronger with the exercises and
many people report improvements in their feet, ankles, knees, hip and back pain.

Exercise 1: First balance on one leg on a flat surface (close to the door frame or a table to
to brace themselves if necessary). Optionally you can take a ball in your hand or bump your shoulder slightly
...to leave. You will notice that your body is more conscious once it uses the mat. Repeat the exercises
with the other leg.

Exercise 2: Stand on one leg first and then on the other for about 30 seconds. Perform the exercise on one
flat underground and if possible without getting stuck somewhere. Then try to do this on the KONE-X Active
Matt and you will find it harder.

Exercise 3: First stand on tiptoe. Then stand on one leg and then on the other and hold the
about 30 seconds each. If your balance is good enough, try it with your eyes closed.

Width: 45,7
Height: 2,5
Lenght: 61
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