Polar Heat®

Polar Heat®

The Polar Heat™ Warming Gel is ideal for the treatment of non-inflamed muscles and joint pain. It relieves muscle tension and stress. The Polar Heat™ Warming Gel causes an increased blood circulation on the applied skin area, which relaxes the muscle and immediately relieves the pulling pain.

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  • The application stimulates the blood circulation and makes the muscles warm and loose.
  • It alleviates muscle tensions
  • By increasing blood circulation, the risk of muscle strains is reduced
  • The effect is based on substances such as camphor and capsaicin.
  • The increased capillary blood circulation brings more oxygen into tissues and cells and thus contributes to the healing process.
  • The warming gel is intended to help with disorders of peripheral blood circulation, various types of pain and non-inflammatory pain and tensions.
  • The warmth gel is an excellent means for top athletes and sportsmen to prevent strains and muscle fiber tears and to increase performance.

Polar Heat™ Warming Gel contains new, effective ingredients such as Spanish pepper, camphor and aloe vera.

  • Gel: 75 ml
Polar Frost®

Polar Frost®

Polar Frost® is a pain relieving, natural and aloe vera based cooling gel from Lapland. It is non-greasy, non-staining and consists of natural ingredients.

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Polar Frost® gently reduces the skin temperature of the affected area by 5-6° Celsius for approx. 4 to 6 hours after application without causing hypothermia or frostbite.

  • Muscle tension and joint pain
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Used to support painful and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system (sciatica, back and neck pain)
  • Polar® Frost is also ideal for refreshment and relaxation after physical exertion.
  • Long lasting cooling (4 to 6 hours)
  • With natural ingredients (cooling by menthol, care by aloe vera)
  • Polar Frost® absorbs quickly, leaves no marks
  • From the refrigeration specialists – made in Finland
  • Tube: 150 ml
  • Roll-On: 75 ml
  • Dispenser: 500 ml

  •  Spray: 220 ml
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