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Vita Chip - Turning electrosmog into pure life energy

Even if we do not want to admit it: Electromagnetic radiation can have a negative impact on our health and is partly responsible for a variety of possible ailments.
A solution to this dilemma can be found in the innovative Vita Chip, which uses an ingenious technique to harmonise the frequencies that are harmful to the human body.
After only a short time, an improvement in personal well-being is noticeable and can lead to fewer health complaints in the long run. And the whole thing is also measurable.

We tell you exactly how it works and what else you need to know about the Vita Chip and electromagnetic radiation. You can read more here.

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Vita Chip® 2.0
Vita Chip® 2.0
Vita Chip® 2.0 The increasing demands of our time as well as radiation exposure from electronic devices or radio masts create many new sources of stress. The effects can be manifold: Nervousness and inner restlessness, sleep disorders,...
Content 1 Stück
From €78.00 *
Vita System „Health Plus“
Vita System „Health Plus“
Vita System "Health Plus Today's world constantly poses new challenges to our healthy lifestyle. Stress and overload as well as external influences, such as electrosmog, have an effect on our body and our health - and usually in a...
Content 4 Stück
From €268.00 *
-10 %
Vita Chip® "E"
Vita Chip® "E"
Vita Chip® "E The perfect start to a healthier life Eating healthy, exercising enough, and finding time for yourself in addition to your social environment - that's roughly how many people imagine a healthy lifestyle. But that alone is...
Content 1 Stück
€57.60 * €64.00 *
Vita System "Health"
Vita System "Health"
Vita System "Health The system for activating the self-healing powers The vibrational information stored on the Vita System "Health" interacts with biological systems. Normal cell communication is a basic prerequisite for good health....
Content 4 Stück
From €226.00 *
-10 %
Vita System 8
Vita System 8
Vita System 8 The Vita System 8 consists of 8 Vita Chip®s, which are designed to help you harmonise your living and working space s and create perfect conditions for the health of your family and employees . Transform your 4 walls into...
Content 8 Stück
€349.20 * €388.00 *
-20 %
Vita System "Car"
Vita System "Car"
Vita System "Car Germany is a country of cars: As of 01.01.2021, around 48.25 million vehicles were registered in Germany, the highest figure ever. [1] While a passenger car offers so many comforts, it also carries its risks. And we're...
Content 8 Stück
€379.20 * €474.00 *
Vita Spray
Vita Spray
Vita Spray - Energetisches Raumspray Das Vita Spray ist eine innovative Lösung zur Reinigung von Räumen auf energetischer Ebene. Entwickelt in der Schweiz, bietet dieses Raumspray eine Möglichkeit, Stress und negative Energien zu...
Content 0.1 Liter
From €35.00 *

How does the Vita Chip work?

The Vita System works via a small, powerful chip the size of a 10-cent piece. The chip consists of finely ground magnetite on which different information is stored. The task of this information or frequency is to reduce the influence of artificially created electromagnetic fields on the body and to harmonise the disturbed frequencies. This can improve biochemical processes in the body as well as the structure of body tissues and fluids.

Application on devices

The Vita Chip can easily be attached to electromagnetic devices such as smartphones or WLAN routers. The radiation emitted by the devices is harmonised and thus the environment in the home, office or even in the car is automatically brought back into balance. Devices that emit electromagnetic radiation include not only telephones and WLAN routers, but also many household and everyday devices. These include, for example, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cookers, televisions and remote controls, baby monitors, radios, computers, lighting, etc.

Use on the body

Alternatively, it can also be used directly on the body. With the help of a kinesiological tape, the chip is attached and can exert its positive effect on pain, the vegetative nervous system or movement disorders. The latter option is also used, for example, by competitive athletes who must optimise every living environment to be able to call up top performance.

Ultimately, the aim is to keep the frequencies that are unhealthy for people away from them and to change the incoming radiation in such a way that it not only loses its harmful effect on the organism, but at the same time even has a positive effect on the body through frequency harmonisation, because radiation is nothing other than energy and that can be used. The Vita Chip therefore has a double effect and offers an excellent solution to the modern problem of electromagnetic radiation, which will now also increase significantly with 5G.

Electromagnetic radiation - what is it?

Our environment is characterised by massive radiation exposure, which is triggered by radio masts, WLANs, mobile phones, and many other electrical devices. You cannot escape this radiation unless you live alone in the forest without network coverage. Even if you are meticulous about using as few electronics as possible in your own home, you will still be confronted with electromagnetic fields (EMF) coming from outside. Even when you are out in nature, you are surrounded by radiation, because unfortunately there are transmission masts almost everywhere.

Electromagnetic fields are basically nothing new for humans. For simple bodily functions to be carried out, small electrical currents flow through the body, causing the cells to be supplied with energy and information. This causes them to vibrate at a certain frequency. If health complaints occur, an imbalance has occurred somewhere. Based on this knowledge, microcurrent therapy was developed over 100 years ago. By confronting the body with electricity in the micro range, the frequency is to be brought back into balance. Because only when the body vibrates at the right frequency is it healthy and efficient.

Which external electromagnetic fields do exist?

Humans are confronted with a multitude of electromagnetic fields that influence them from the outside. These can be divided into natural and unnatural fields.

Geomantic fields/earth rays: In the long run, natural earth rays can lead to the development of diseases. If you spend many hours a day in a place with unfavourable earth radiation, this can lead to discomfort or other complaints. Sometimes it helps to simply move the bed or the desk.

Sferics: These are natural electromagnetic voltages that are generated by thunderstorms, among other things. This form can also lead to health problems in some people (weather sensitivity).

Artificially pulsed electromagnetic fields: Naturally generated EMF already have a not inconsiderable influence on the body. Artificially generated EMFs, which are many times stronger, can cause serious damage in the long run, leading to a clearly perceptible feeling of discomfort.

Which complaints can be caused by electromagnetic fields?

EMF can cause various complaints and diseases. If your doctor does not find an organic cause for your health problems, you should consider the possibility that EMF could be a cause.

  • Sleeping disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of performance
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Circulatory problems
  • Restlessness and nervousness
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Tinnitus
  • Hyperactivity

How can electromagnetic fields be reduced?

One advantage of modern times is that life is becoming more and more comfortable. Electrical devices such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, smartphones, etc. make everyday life easy and pleasant. WLAN and Bluetooth make many things possible that we no longer want to do without. What is often forgotten is the radiation exposure that goes along with it. It is probably impossible to avoid it completely, but it is not that difficult to reduce it if you make the effort to rethink.

  • Every new electronic acquisition should be reconsidered. Is it necessary?
  • Use the internet via cable instead of WLAN
  • Switch off WLAN when it is not needed (e.g., at night, because the body regenerates most during sleep).
  • Switch off Bluetooth on all devices
  • Do not use any electrically powered devices and use battery power instead, if possible (e.g., alarm clocks).
  • Don't just switch off electrical appliances, unplug them when not in use.
  • Keep mobile phones as far away from the body as possible. Always switch off when near the body.
  • Do not use extension cords, as they create new radiation fields.
  • Keep as much distance as possible from electrically powered devices.
  • Invest in protective measures against electrosmog when building a house (e.g., shielded cables)
  • Use Vita Chip for selected devices such as mobile phones to harmonise EMFs
  • With the help of experts, high-radiation devices or sources can be shielded by selected materials

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