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Penalty Box - Your training aid for agility and coordination

Unhandy hurdles and tangled coordination ladders. Anyone who has ever worked with these pieces of sports equipment knows the
difficulties involved in handling them. But from now on, this is a thing of the past.
Now you can clean out your old equipment and replace it with the Penalty Box. As a versatile piece of sports equipment for fitness training,it will soon become an indispensable training aid.
Thanks to the lightweight and flexible design, you can not only fold and set up
the Penalty Box as you like,it also fits easily into your sports bag when you're on the go.

Find out more about the Penalty Box here.

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Penalty box
Penalty box
Benefit from the patented fitness product in numerous exercise forms. The great special feature is that it can be used both as an agility grid : you can use the four squares for this as well as a hurdle : for this you simply fold it into...
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Penalty Box Mini (set of 2)
Penalty Box Mini (set of 2)
Penalty Box Mini The Penalty Box Mini is - just like its predecessor Penalty Box - a multifunctional tool with almost limitless training possibilities. The training tool can be used both as an agility grid and as a hurdle. Agility :...
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Ultra lightweight construction

Even without heavy metal stands or inadmissible straps, the Penalty Box can be set up sturdily - and stowed away again in your bag. Thanks to sturdy straps, the Penalty Box weighs a total of just 350 grams or 170 grams (mini) and can be folded into a space-saving L-shape for storage and transport.

Penalty Box

When flat, the Penalty Box measures 76cm x 76cm, which is divided into four equal squares by two tear-proof straps. In transport condition, the L-shaped Penalty Box measures approx. 40cm x 40cm and also attracts attention visually with its orange frame.

Penalty Box Mini

The Penalty Box Mini comes in a set of 2 and measures 41cm x 41cm each. It is divided into two sections by a flexible plastic brace and can also be folded to a space-saving size of 15cm x 41cm.

Training with the hurdle

When folded up, you can set up the Penalty Box as a hurdle. This offers you several training possibilities, among others for:

  •     Bounce training
  •     Reaction training
  •     Endurance training

and much more.

Training with the agility grid

The Penalty Box can also be used as a space-saving alternative to the coordination ladder for training. It offers you many opportunities to develop yourself and your body in the following areas:

  •     Agility
  •     Coordination
  •     Balance
  •     Speed
  •     Strength
  •     Endurance

and many more.