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The NormaTec® Recovery Systems: Regeneration at the ultimate level

 Noble design and high-end technology combined.
The luxury version of the recovery compression systems from Normatec leaves nothing to be desired. Numerous professionals in the German national football league already rely on the unique quality of the recovery equipment.

The Recovery Boots and Sets are the perfect aid for preventing sore muscles, heavy legs or swelling caused by fluid retention.
And thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery, you can use any of the Normatec recovery systems wherever you need them, even without a power socket.

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NormaTec® 3.0 Leg Set
NormaTec® 3.0 Leg Set
NormaTec® 3.0 Leg Set NormaTec® 3.0 is the latest evolutionary stage of the popular Recovery Boots from NormaTec®. Not only the new, elegant design is convincing, but also the innovative and intuitive control. To control your Recovery...
Content 1 Stück
€999.00 *
NormaTec® 3.0 Full Body Standard incl. transport bag
NormaTec® 3.0 Full Body Standard incl....
NormaTec® 3.0 Full Body In this practical set you get all attachments of the NormaTec® 3.0 for your whole body: two leg parts in standard length one part for each arm (right and left) the hip a transport bag a connection tube a power...
€1,899.00 *
NormaTec® accessories pair of arms
NormaTec® accessories pair of arms
The pair of arms contains one accessory each for the left and right arm. The "Arm" accessory is a completely enveloping system for the arm and shoulder. It has overlapping zones that guarantee seamless compression, high quality nylon and...
Content 2 Stück
€425.00 *
NormaTec® Accessories Hip
NormaTec® Accessories Hip
The "Hip" accessory is a completely enveloping device for the lower back, oblique abdominal muscles, buttocks, ischio-crural muscles, quadriceps, adductors and abductors. It has overlapping zones that guarantee seamless compression, high...
Content 1 Stück
€275.00 *
NormaTec® Zubehör Transportkoffer
NormaTec® Accessories Transport case
A hard shell case for your PULSE regeneration system. Contains separations to transport several control units or accessories. The mesh zippered compartment with lid stows your hoses and power supply accessories. It is designed to be used...
Content 1 Stück
€200.00 *
NormaTec® 3.0 Ladekabel (Ersatzteil)
NormaTec® 3.0 Ladekabel (Ersatzteil)
NormaTec® 3.0 Ladekabel Dieses Ladekabel von NormaTec® ist ein Ersatzteil, falls dein vorhandenes Ladekabel defekt oder abhanden gekommen sein sollte. Es passt zu deinem NormaTec® 3.0. Produktdetails: Lieferumfang: Ladekabel inkl. Netzteil
Content 1 Stück
€19.00 *
NormaTec® Backpack
NormaTec® Backpack
NormaTec® Backpack Finally transport your recovery boots in comfort - with the NormaTec® backpack! The NormaTec® backpack was developed individually for the transport of the NormaTec® 2.0 series (also Pro). The control unit is placed in...
Content 1 Stück
€180.90 *
NormaTec® connecting hose (spare part)
NormaTec® connecting hose (spare part)
NormaTec® connection hose This hose is a replacement part for your NormaTec® connection hose in case it is defective or lost. The hose connects your control unit to one or two leg sections, arm sections or to the hip. The connection hose...
Content 1 Stück
€79.00 *
NormaTec® Accessories Leg
NormaTec® Accessories Leg
The accessory "leg" is a completely enveloping system for the whole leg. It has overlapping zones that provide seamless compression, high quality nylon and effortless Guarantee formwork. 1. NormaTec® accessory connection. Compatible with...
Content 1 Stück
€199.00 *

Normatec Recovery Systems: Faster regeneration for even harder training

The patented top technology of compression massage

Normatec's Zone Boost technology uses compressed air to successively fill the individual compression zones from the end of the body towards the torso.
Through this compression massage, structural debris and fluids stored in the tissues are transported more quickly to the centre of the body.
There they are metabolised and broken down.

Recommended by experts

According to medical reports, Normatec compression devices help to relieve lymphatic congestion, reduce leg volume, and reduce feelings of tension and pain.
The safety and effectiveness of the Normatec Recovery Systems has been confirmed by the FDA, the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Innovative technology easily controllable via app

The Bluetooth-enabled control unit allows you to conveniently operate your recovery unit via app from your mobile phone.
The clearly arranged app gives you the possibility to integrate your recovery unit directly into your training plan.
The battery-powered control unit can be operated via touchscreen and builds up a pressure of 30 - 110mmHg during start-up.

Simple, fool proof installation

Thanks to the zips, boots and additional parts are put on very quickly.
Then just wire them to the control unit, switch on and off you go:
You can easily control the duration and intensity of the application via app.
And to guarantee the perfect fit of the boots, a quick calibration phase is automatically initiated before each use.

Do you still have questions? Then simply contact us!

For individual advice, we are of course available by phone or e-mail to meet your needs to your complete satisfaction.

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