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A new and innovative medical measurement and analysis system

Features of the Multiscan

Segmental Multi Frequency Body Composition 3D Analyzer
Body composition assessment (FM, FFM, TBW, ECW, ICW, BMI, Muscular Mass, Phase Angle).
Assessment of galvanic skin response
3D modelling of body composition (fat mass colour code)
Vertebral 3D modelling (neuromuscular disease colour code)
Advanced therapy decision support for SPA / fitness / sports
Heart rate variability indicators
Advanced ANS assessment (sympathetic / parasympathetic activity)
Digital pulse wave analysis and haemodynamic indicators
Valsalva / Orthostatic / Deep probe
Medical Screening Analyzer, including cardio scores / physiological scores / lifestyle scores, 3D modelling of living tissue, markers for screening statistical diseases.

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Multiscan Fit
Multiscan Fit
Get a diagnosis and individual program recommendations in just 60 seconds! The Multiscan Fit provides you and your customers with comprehensive wellness data. The device offers you information with which you can create an individual...
From €12,495.00 *
Multiscan Pro
Multiscan Pro
The MultiscanPro is a new, innovative type of medical measurement and analysis system. It is a tool that is easy and quick to interpret and presents things very clearly, both for the therapist / coach / doctor - and together with...
From €20,230.00 *

Ein neues und innovatives medizinisches Mess- und Analysesystem

A new and innovative medical measurement and analysis system

The Multiscan offers significant added value in terms of prevention, counselling, and health care. The test takes only two minutes, and its results provide a quick overview of homeostasis as well as the most important regulatory mechanisms of the human body. It assesses the cardiovascular system, the autonomic nervous system, the state of organs and neurotransmitters. At the same time, he pays attention to body composition and personal lifestyle and makes appropriate recommendations regarding nutrition and recovery.

The measurement results are presented clearly and are easy to interpret - whether by therapist or doctor with his patient or by trainer and athlete.