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MEDAN massage oil

A massage should improve the general well-being, relieve pain and provide physical and mental relaxation.
The most important role for a good and successful treatment plays of course the masseur or masseuse. But that is not all!

A massage oil or massage cream is almost always used in a massage. And the quality of the chosen product is enormously important!
A consistency that is too oily or sticky or an unpleasant odor do not exactly ensure feel-good moments for the patient.

MEDAN massage oil combines all the positive properties that a good massage product needs! Here we explain why you should choose MEDAN.

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MEDAN Massage Oil "Natura gentle"
MEDAN Massage Oil "Natura gentle"
MEDAN Massage Oil "Natura gentle" MEDAN Massage Oil "Natura gentle" is a massage preparation that is perfect for daily use in physical therapy or for massage. The refreshing citrus scent brings a breath of fresh air to any treatment!...
Content 1 Liter
From €10.78 *
MEDAN Massage Oil "Orange"
MEDAN Massage Oil "Orange"
MEDAN Massage Oil "Orange" If you are looking for a rich and handy massage oil with a fresh scent, then MEDAN Massage Oil "Orange" is the right choice for you. It is suitable for daily use in the practice, is extremely handy and has a...
Content 1 Liter
From €11.37 *
MEDAN Massage Oil "Lemon"
MEDAN Massage Oil "Lemon"
MEDAN Massageöl „Zitrone“ Das MEDAN Massageöl „Zitrone“ ist ein Massagepräparat, das sich perfekt für den täglichen Einsatz in der physikalischen Therapie oder zur Massage eignet. Der erfrischende Zitrus-Duft bringt frischen Wind in jede...
Content 1 Liter
From €11.37 *

MEDAN stands for high-quality massage oil

For a massage to deliver what it promises, it needs, among other things, a convincing massage oil. It serves primarily as a lubricant so that the hands of the masseur or masseuse can glide gently and without resistance over the skin of the customer or patient. Without this lubricant, the skin would be painfully rubbed and pulled in all possible directions.

With MEDAN massage oil, nothing stands in the way of extensive and soothing massages!

Because the oil

  • is very productive and allows long massages,
  • can be easily distributed and massaged in without leaving any residue,
  • is not oily or greasy
  • has a good grip
  • does not contain preservatives and
  • is available with fresh fragrances or absolutely odorless.

Choose your favorite fragrance and the right amount to stock

The available scents of MEDAN massage oils are neutral or bring freshness to your treatment. And with the right container size, you will always have a sufficient supply in your practice!

Odorless massage oil or freshness kick

The smell of the massage oil is important, because your patient should feel comfortable and not everyone likes the same scents. The MEDAN massage oil makes it easy for you: The scents "orange" and "lemon" make the massage a fruity and relaxing experience for the client. For those who prefer a more restrained scent, the "Natura sanft" variant is just the right choice, as it is absolutely odorless. Alternatively, you can also add any fragrance to the neutral oil so that your massage guest feels completely at ease!

Always enough supply

No matter whether you have a low or high demand for massage oils: MEDAN offers you different container sizes so that you have exactly the amount you need in stock. Choose between the 1 liter bottle or the 5 liter or 10 liter canister.

MEDAN Massage Oil needs only one ingredient

Bottles and canisters with endless ingredient lists and many unknown terms - MEDAN does not have that! The massage oil "Natura sanft" consists of only one ingredient, namely medical white oil. In cosmetics and pharmacy it is also called paraffinum perliquidum and meets extremely high standards of purity and compatibility. This is because it is refined until any aromatics and sulfur compounds have been dissolved out and the oil is completely pure. It contains neither colorants nor preservatives. The result: a massage oil in pharmacist quality!

Extracts of Citrus sinensis (for the orange scent) and Citrus limon (for the lemon scent) are added to the MEDAN massage oils in the scents "orange" and "lemon" respectively.

Dosing made easy

Dosing massage oil with a canister or decanting into smaller bottles can be cumbersome. To save you tedious handling during the massage and to avoid spilling oil when decanting, there is an optional pouring tap or pump for canisters and bottles. With the pump you dose exactly the right amount of oil directly into your hand. And the pouring tap is especially suitable for transferring your massage oil from the canister into a smaller container.

MEDAN Massage Oil - A good choice

Looking for a high-yield, fragrant and economical massage oil for daily use in your practice? Discover MEDAN and let us convince you!