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diPulse - for your health and performance

The mega innovation in neuromuscular electrical stimulation ("NMES") - winner of the ISPO BRANDNEW Award 2019.

The activation of muscles by means of electrical impulses has been practised for a long time and with a wide variety of devices in the fields of sports and medicine. Usually, this required cables and electrodes connected to the control device.

DiPulse has developed this idea further and created a completely new generation of devices: "Functional Wear" with stims for transmitting impulses and integrated nanotubes for transmitting the impulses is now the order of the day. The device is controlled very simply via Bluetooth Smart and the corresponding app on the smartphone or tablet.

diPulse Fitness

Do your thing and create your own gym!

The shirt and the tight allow you to train your muscles regularly and everywhere with NMES - 24/7! Gone are the days of expensive membership fees and long journeys to the EMS studio.

But you are also protected when training at home: With strength applications, you can train a maximum of two muscles at the same time to avoid overloading and negative consequences for your body.

diPulse Reha

Rehab after injuries
and operations

Immediately after an injury or operation, muscles are neuro-physiologically switched off to protect body systems. In many cases, this leads to atrophy (= regression) of the muscle corset. NMES has proven itself over many years in the reconstruction of these deficits. With appropriate cuffs, the necessary muscles or muscle groups can now be activated in isolation and thus the atrophy reduced or prevented through regular use.

diPulse Knieproblematiken

Knee problems - a
common complaint

Due to overstrain, injury or surgery in the knee, the quadriceps muscle and especially the vastus medialis muscle atrophy immediately.

DiPulse has developed a special knee brace for patients that can specifically rebuild this muscle group to keep the joint stable again or guide it in its movements via the corresponding co-contraction with the posterior muscle group. This often leads to a reduction of pain and problems during movement.

diPulse Rückengesundheit

Back problems - a
widespread disease

Wrong strain at work, sports or leisure time or a lack of movement stimuli cause the abdominal and back muscles to regress. The lack of stability or wrong movement patterns lead to corresponding pain and the athlete or patient often does not dare to go into the painful movement. Using NMES, it is possible to gently train these muscle groups with electrical impulses and thus support the auto-reparative processes via the externally initiated muscle activities. This is the basis for consciously executed movements.

Muscle activity and much more

In addition to activating the muscles, the diPulse app offers many other ways to address the well-being and performance of the user. For example, there are programmes for massage and well-being, for TENS applications or also for regenerating the body.

Conclusion: NMES in the therapy chain

As with all other therapeutic applications, NMES always represents only one part of the load or therapy chain. Thus, the muscle activities gained through the electrical activations must subsequently be integrated into the sporting or work routine through further measures.

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Smartrecovery kit
Smartrecovery kit
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Smart Shirt Kit
Smart Shirt Kit
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Smart Knee Kit
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Stim Module Kit
Stim Module Kit
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