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Many processes in the human body take place by means of microcurrent. Consequently, many doctors and therapists have been researching in this field for the last 100 years to find
new ways to support the human body in the areas of fitness, performance enhancement, regeneration, and health, but also in the case of injuries, operations, and diseases.
What are the main effects of these frequency-specific microcurrents, which use currents below 1 yA (microampere) and are therefore usually not felt by those being treated?

Here you can find out what microcurrents do in the body and how B-E-St can optimise your therapy.

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B-E-St® device by JeeCee
B-E-St® device by JeeCee
Frequency specific micro currents with B-E-St by JeeCee Therapy with frequency-specific microcurrents, which is already widely used in America, is also increasingly being used in Europe by innovative doctors and therapists the aim of...
B-E-St electrode
B-E-St electrode
In therapy with frequency-specific microcurrents, the electrodes are of great importance. Here you can get the eletrodes as accessories - for example for your B-E-St device by JeeCee. Product details: Content: 4 pieces
Content 4 Stück
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