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From now on, you can work on different body structures with the HighRoller. You need significantly less muscle tension in the body, which can otherwise reduce the success of the therapy. The movable roller on a stand allows you to focus more on the relaxed movement. The supports, which are made of aluminium and glass-fibre reinforced plastic, can be removed on one or both sides.

Your advantages

✔️ Innovative fascia tool on a mounted stand
✔️ You no longer have to hold your own body weight when rolling
✔️ The roller concentrates the pressure on the muscle to be massaged
✔️ The calf muscles can be worked optimally in the supine position without putting the rest of the body under tension
✔️ The removal of both supports allows, among other things, optimal treatment of the back as well.
✔️ An inclined plane can be created with the one-sided support in order to optimally roll out the tractus ilio-tibilas, for example.

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KONE-X Active Mat
KONE-X Active Mat
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