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Biomechanik und Physiotherapie für Pferde

Biomechanics and physiotherapy for horses

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Extensive practical part with exercises for massage, mobilisation, stretching and stabilisation
  • Practical guide to physiotherapy for horses for riders and trainers
  • Drawings and extensive index
  • 6354DE
The present edition has been supplemented by several drawings and an extensive index. The... more

The present edition has been supplemented by several drawings and an extensive index. The chapter on "Biomechanics" explains the horses' movements. The functional anatomy, in connection with many examples from equestrian practice, teaches riders, but also trainers, how a movement restriction or movement anomaly arises and how to recognize it.

The advantage is that
action can be taken earlier and faster. In the practical part for physiotherapy, the palpation grips, massage and stretching exercises have been revised, has been extended and explained in detail and numerous photos have been added. The practical work of massage and stretching not only achieves physical well-being for the horse, but also Trust. A book for all those who want their horse to be healthy and efficient, to minimize or even avoid the risk of injury. If movement disorders in form of blockages or injuries occur, you will learn effective methods that support rehabilitation. Finally, this book can help to identify causes of training problems and To find inconsistencies.

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