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Architecture of Human Living Fascia

Architecture of Human Living Fascia

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  • With numerous color illustrations incl. DVD


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Fascias are currently one of the most exciting topics; a large number of publications are... more

Fascias are currently one of the most exciting topics; a large number of publications are conquering the market. But also techniques like facial training, -massage, -yoga and many more push into the consciousness, followed by all possible aids, of which the best known might be the fascia role.

But what exactly are fasciae made of? What is their function and what do fasciae actually look like? This book addresses exactly this question.

Jean-Claude Guimberteau, in collaboration with his co-author Colin Armstrong, introduces the reader to the world of fasciae and thus makes an important contribution to understanding their structure and function. For the visualization he uses innovative techniques of video endoscopy. Fasciae can thus be observed and studied in their living environment. The extensive pictorial material of this work, which fascinates not least by its aesthetics, reveals the incredible richness of colour and design of the tissue structures "under the skin" of the living organism as well as their permanent movements and changes, while always guaranteeing the fundamental stability of the fascial body framework. From this research a groundbreaking and new concept on living tissue and the architecture of the human body is derived, which will be groundbreaking for future scientific work in this field. Leading experts from the fields of anatomy, biomechanics and manual therapy comment on the individual chapters and thus contribute their knowledge to this work.


Jean-Claude Guimberteau and Colin Armstrong


  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1909141117
  • 232 pages

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