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The pubic inflammation

The pubic inflammation

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Produkt-Vorteile im Überblick

  • Therapy guide for this specific clinical picture
  • Numerous case studies from practice
  • Valuable information for therapists, athletic coaches, trainers and athletes
  • 6370DE
A stocktaking from different perspectives from Marco Congia and K-Active Europe GmbH... more

A stocktaking from different perspectives
from Marco Congia and K-Active Europe GmbH

The inflammation of the pubic bone, also known as osteitis pubis in specialist circles, is usually manifested by acute or chronic pain in the area of the pubic bone and the pubic symphysis.
Mostly active athletes and within this group mainly athletes from dynamic sports. Instead of top sporting performance, every stair climbing becomes a torture and a Walk to the ordeal. Like an epidemic, the inflammation of the pubic bone has swept over our sports heroes in recent years. And men are five times more likely to get it than women. And by now, every professional football team can report at least one player affected in the recent past; with correspondingly long downtimes. Prominent examples include Mario Götze or currently Marco Reus, who even had to cancel the European Championship in France because of this injury.
Marco Congia has gathered many experts around him to take stock of this complaint from different perspectives. At the moment there is no gold standard, but this book should help to give the interested reader new ideas from different medical areas and therapies as well as from the following advanced training to thereby finding new approaches to therapy / training for athletes and patients.
Therefore, the book is recommended for medical personnel and trainers, but also for patients and is a good advisor for this particular clinical picture.


  • Angelika Strunk (Chapter "Embryology")
  • Dr. med. Thomas Eberlein (Chapter "Inflammation and wound healing")
  • Raimond Hedgehog (Chapter "Pubic inflammation from the point of view of the FDM")
  • Andreas Ahlhorn (Chapter "Medical Flossing")
  • Siegfried Breitenbach (Chapter "K-Active Taping")
  • Christian Tambach (Chapter "Athletics and Selfmanagement")
  • Dr. Werner Krutsch (Chapter "Amateur football players")
  • Sabrina Schreyer (case study)
  • Thomas Stubner (case study)
  • Daniel Knebel (case study)

Product details

  • Language:German
  • Technical book with 152 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-9815388-3-0
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