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Multiscan Pro

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  • Tool for medical analysis of the body
  • Assessment of the cardiovascular system, the autonomic nervous system, condition of organs and much more
  • Duration of the test is only 2 minutes


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The MultiscanPro is a new, innovative type of medical measurement and analysis system.... more

The MultiscanPro is a new, innovative type of medical measurement and analysis system.

It is a tool that is easy and quick to interpret and presents things very clearly, both for the therapist / coach / doctor - and together with patients / athletes and It offers significant added value in terms of prevention, advice and health care. Multiscan Pro is a unique combination of medical applications to to get a quick overview of homeostasis and the most important regulatory mechanisms of the human body The test takes 2 minutes.

It assesses the cardiovascular system, the autonomic nervous system, the condition of organs, neurotransmitters, body composition, one's own lifestyle and makes recommendations regarding Nutrition and recreation. Included in the price: Sortware: 2 licenses (installation on 2 laptops/computers) and hardware, installation, education and training, warranty on the hardware, technical support, updating.


  • Segmental multi-frequency bio-impedance analysis
  • Display of body composition (FM, FFM, TBW, ECW, ICW, BMI, muscle mass)
  • Assessment of electrodermal activity
  • Body composition 3D view (color-coded fat display)
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Vertebra 3D rendering (neuromuscular disorders with color-coded display)
  • Comprehensive support in the therapy decision for SPA / fitness / sports
  • Heart rate variability indicator
  • Detailed examination of the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic/parasympathetic activity)
  • Digital pulse wave analysis and haemodynamic indicators
  • Valsalva maneuver / orthostatic test / deep breathing test
  • IMDG software (interpretation and data management) including a
  • Cardio/physiological and lifestyle score, 3D modelling of living tissues, organs and an assessment of statistical diseases
  • Measurement takes 2 to 6 minutes

General explanation:

The Multiscan Pro system is a combination of different technologies and signal analysis to provide a full, physical, detailed analysis of the body. 6 electrodes and a Probe perform with the following features (characteristics) pulse oximeter (SpO2 sensor), photo electric, plethysmograph sensor (PP sensor) and a heart rate variability sensor (HRV sensor) which Measurement by.

Multiscan Pro system (IM / HRV / SpO2 / BIA): 4 systems in one

  • The Multiscan Pro system is a computer-based system that produces medical images and graphics. The Multiscan Pro provides valuable information about the organism, including Your functional state of health. This information provides a stable reference for monitoring and assessing the progress of a particular therapy. The results and Information is extremely reliable.
  • The Multiscan Pro system includes the IM system, a tetra polar BIA, an ECG (heart rate variability) and a pulse oximeter.

IM (Interstitial Measurement):

  • This is a unique and revolutionary system based on a physiological-biochemical evaluation of interstitial fluid and cellular ATP production. It is the the first system which, with bio-impedance data, enables a technological analysis of the function of organs and systems and to present them on a physiological and biochemical level. This unique system enables a detailed assessment of the state of health and controls the therapeutic process.
  • The measurement consists of a continuous current of 1.5 mV crossing only the extracellular fluid (bioimpedance CC), validated by the chemical formulae Conductivity, resistance, and molecular weight. It calculates the concentration of molecules and more importantly, the level of cell metabolism in the tissue, the blood supply and the ATP levels as well as the density of the tissue, it also indicates different tissue processes.

HRV (heart rate variability):

  • Based on the ECG will be the heart rate variability and SNV regulation. (sympathetic nervous system - parasympathetic nervous system) is determined.

PTG (Plethysmography SpO2):

  • Thanks to oximetry, information on cardiovascular status is obtained.

BIA (Body Index Analysis):

  • Assessment of body composition by a tetrapolar system as an indicator of cell membrane health.
  • The results are displayed with representative colors, numbers and graphics of all organs and systems.
  • Summaries for lifestyle and sports / exercise applications are displayed.
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