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B-E-St® device by JeeCee

B-E-St® device by JeeCee

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  • Therapy with frequency-specific microcurrents
  • Natural support of the body's own processes
  • Increase in ATP production


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Frequency-specific microcurrents with B-E-St by JeeCee The therapy with frequency-specific... more

Frequency-specific microcurrents with B-E-St by JeeCee

The therapy with frequency-specific micro currents, which is already widespread in America, is increasingly being applied effectively to patients and athletes by innovative doctors and therapists in Europe as well. The aim of this form of therapy is to ensure the natural support of the body's own processes in prophylaxis or of auto-repair processes after injuries and operations by means of micro currents.

Take advantage of this innovative opportunity to expand or optimize your therapy!

Advantages of B-E-St by JeeCee:

  • The device operates in the microamp range. This micro current occurs naturally in the body and enables, among other things, an increase in ATP production.
  • Note: Other devices often work in the milliampere range, which is much higher than the natural microcurrent in the body. Among other things, this blocks the metabolism.
  • The simultaneous use of up to 4 channels saves a lot of time.
  • The device offers 67 fixed therapy programs as well as the possibility of setting individual programs.
  • Advantage for the doctor or therapist: In addition to therapy using adhesive electrodes, you can also apply your therapeutic skills to patients and athletes using hand and glove electrodes.
  • The display shows the contact points for the adhesive electrodes in an uncomplicated manner.
  • Biofeedback: The graphical or numerical representation of the therapy results on the display makes the therapy verifiable. This is also often important for patients, as they usually do not feel the microcurrent.
  • Free and automatic polarization is possible.

Some experts are convinced of the treatment methods of micro current therapy. However, there is no unambiguous scientific proof of efficacy.

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