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  • The beauty professional - optimal for cosmetic applications
  • Application areas: Skincare, wellness and treatment of tissue weaknesses and cellulite
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Your skin is multi-layered and the surface has various protective mechanisms. The weak... more

Your skin is multi-layered and the surface has various protective mechanisms. The weak electrical potential is an essential protective shield and is also like to understand some kind of lock. The dermakey+ now makes use of this property by building up a flow of ions that facilitates the access of active ingredients under the skin. Even those of your cosmetics! Areas of the skin in need of care have different line resistances. These resistances are recognized by the dermakey+ and the skin area is stimulated to develop its own To initiate the restoration process in the skin.

In the second step the dermakey+ then establishes a connection to deeper structures such as the connective tissue matrix and to the interfaces of the neural network. The adaptively regulated Impulses activate the body's own regulatory processes.

Application: The dermakey+ is designed primarily for cosmetic use. The dermakey+ has 2 different application methods, which can be used in daily Application can be connected alternately. Both forms are coordinated and combine cleansing, care, activation and support the use of high-quality cosmetics.

Bioregulation mode

  • In this setting the body's own regulation is activated by bioadaptive impulses. The impulse release influences the body's own adaptation processes.

Keyphoresis mode

  • In this setting is a modified type of iontophoresis, which helps to get your high quality cosmetics deep under the skin.

Application areas:

  • Skincare and Wellness
  • Treatment of tissue weaknesses and cellulite


Some experts are convinced of the treatment methods with dermakey+ and the corresponding therapy, but these are only a minority opinion. An undoubtedly there is no scientific proof of efficacy.

Scope of delivery: dermaKey device, exchangeable head standard, charger, case, manual

Our comment on "Dermakey®"
2 forms of application: Bioregulation and keyphoresis